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Lazise, Italy – How to Visit and Best Things to Do in the Most Popular Town on Lake Garda (With Maps and Practical Tips)

Lazise is a picturesque town on the eastern shore of Lago di Garda – Italy’s largest lake.

Centuries old and tiny in size, it ranks in the Top 15 of the most visited places in Italy. Attracting over 3,5 million visitors per year, Lazise regularly outperforms such large Italian cities as Naples and Bologna.

Why is this?! Lazise has a charming historic centre, enjoys sprawling views of Lake Garda, and it’s surrounded by lush vineyards producing prized wines. Above all, this small lakefront town is right next door to the best Italian theme parks, most notably Gardaland – one of the largest attraction parks in Europe.

The historic harbour of the town of Lazise on Lake Garda - Veneto, Italy -

Come summer and the flow of visitors to this blessed corner of Italy is constant. Lazise, however, is stunning to visit at any time of the year. Beautiful and relaxed in autumn. Festive and joyous in winter. Bursting into life come spring. And offering the best of Italian lake life every high season.

Plus, Lazise is so very easy to reach from many large Italian cities like Verona, Venice, and Milan. Perfect for a day trip or a longer holiday, here you will find cute beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, and delicious Italian food. It’s all held together by majestic medieval walls and crowned by a proud medieval castle which is not open for visits but it’s so stunning to look at. And, yes, the fun theme parks are right next door.

Gardaland - Italy's largest theme park - Lake Garda, Italy -

So, if you are looking for a new destination in Italy to explore and enjoy, turn your eyes to Lazise. With a history that stretches centuries back in time and with fashionable boutiques, traditional restaurants, and some of the best gelaterias on this side of Italy flanking its streets, this town on Lake Garda is a delight to explore.

You can come in summer and just have a lovely day taking in the best of Italy. Or you can come for Christmas to shop at the festive market and skate on the ice rink. The important thing is that you come and see it all for yourself – the houses in shades of ochre and sienna, the narrow cobbled streets, the long-reaching lake views.

Lazise seen from the water - Lake Garda, Italy -

Take it from me! Lazise was the first town on Lake Garda that I ever visited. It sparked my love for Italy’s largest lake and made me return to it time and time again. I always find Lazise to be so charming and carefree. And when I revisited it a few months ago, it was lovely to feel its holiday atmosphere once again and to indulge in a large portion of proper Italian gelato in my favourite local gelateria (La Cremeria, if you would like to know!).

So, in this blog post today, I will tell you all about the best things you can see and enjoy in Lazise as well as right next door to this small town on Italy’s Lago di Garda. From must-see local landmarks and unmissable activities, everything is covered in two logically organised sections that you can easily scroll through.

The first section covers all the sights and things to do in Lazise itself. The second section delves into the attractions in the immediate vicinity of this Lake Garda town. Theme parks, hiking paths, thermal springs, local wineries, curious museums, fun events, and adrenaline-filled sports… Take your pick!

Scaliger Castle - Lazise, Lake Garda, Italy -

To make your travel planning for Lazise and Lake Garda even easier, at the end of this blog post, I have also included a section with lots of practical information. How to reach Lazise by public transport from the nearest airports and large Northern Italian cities? Where to stay on the shores of Lake Garda? What local foods and wines to sample? It’s all covered!

In addition, detailed maps show you the exact locations of the different places and sights. This way you can quickly come up with travel itineraries to suit your travel style and available time for Lazise in Italy.

I hope that all these travel tips and first-hand tried and tested information will come in very handy when you are planning your Italian lake holiday. I also hope that it will inspire you to put the town of Lazise at the top of your bucket list for Italy and Lake Garda.

Have a look!

Where in Italy is Lazise?

First things first! Let’s pinpoint on the map where exactly in Italy is Lazise.

As the above map shows, you will find this small town at the bottom of the long eastern shore of Lago di Garda – Italy’s largest lake. Lazise is part of the Province of Verona – one of the main territorial and administrative units of the northeastern Italian region of Veneto.

As such, Lazise is very quick to get to both from many of the other lakefront towns here as well as from many large cities in Northern Italy. Here are some sample distances to give you an idea of how easy it is to travel to Lazise for a fun day trip or a relaxing holiday:

Distances from Nearby Towns on Lake Garda to Lazise:

  • Bardolino to Lazise (eastern shore) – 5 km
  • Garda Town to Lazise (eastern shore) – 9 km
  • Peschiera del Garda to Lazise (southern shore) – 10 km
  • Sirmione to Lazise (southern shore) – 21 km
  • Desenzano del Garda to Lazise (southwestern shore) – 29 km
  • Riva del Garda (northern shore) to Lazise – 54 km

Distances from Large Italian Cities to Lazise:

In the section with practical tips further below, I have provided specific details about getting to Lazise from anywhere in Italy by train, road, and ferry.

Otherwise, you can use the above map to calculate specific directions, as well as to zoom in and out to get a better idea of Lazise’s location in Italy. If you wish, you can also open a larger version of this map in a new tab to make it easier to browse.

22 Best Things to Do in and around Lazise on Italy’s Lake Garda

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Lazise, Italy - How to Visit and 22 Best Things to Do in the Most Popular Town on Lake Garda -
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22 Best Things to Do in Lazise on Lake Garda, Italy -
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6 Best Things to Do in Lazise on Italy’s Lake Garda

1. Walk Around the Historic Harbour of Lazise

The historic harbour and the Church of San Nicolo in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Every town on Lake Garda has a small historic harbour that is picture-perfect and populated by clusters of colourful boats. Lazise has one of the prettiest of them all. Known locally as Porto Vecchio – the Old Harbour – it stands in the heart of the historic centre and a narrow sleeve of water connects it to the lake.

With a history that stretches back to the 10th century, Porto Vecchio was of particular importance between the 15th and the 18th centuries when Lazise was part of the Republic of Venice. Standing at the border between the Republic and the Duchy of Milan (corresponding roughly to modern-day Lombardy), the harbour was where all goods arriving by boat from the duchy were checked and taxed.

The long body of the Dogana Veneta (the Venetian Customs House) still flanks the harbour. In the past, it was also used as an arsenal and as a production facility for gunpowder ingredients. Nowadays, it functions as a venue for upscale events.

Next to the Dogana, you can visit the Chiesa di San Nicolo’ al Porto. This small stone church with a tall bell tower is dedicated to St. Nicholas – the patron of fishermen and sailors who, in the past, made up a large portion of the population of Lazise. Inside the church, you can admire the vestiges of what once was a splendid cycle of frescoes influenced by the school of the renowned Florentine Renaissance painter Giotto.

Lazise’s main square – Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II – stretches from the top end of the harbour. Then, a long row of houses with gelaterias, restaurants, and shops on their ground floor leads from the piazza along the edge of the harbour and down to the lake. Just where Porto Vecchio meets the lake, the ferryboat quay juts deep into the water.

Going for a short walk around Porto Vecchio offers some of the most beautiful vistas in Lazise. It’s also a nice and easy way to experience first-hand the history and the hubbub of this beautiful town on Lake Garda.

2. Explore the Historic Centre of Lazise

Medieval walls and house facades in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise doesn’t really have a long list of must-see sights where you need to spend hours to tick off all that there is to be seen. And I think that this is for the best! Instead, this town on Lake Garda is all about making the most of your leisure time by walking around its historic centre, popping in and out of the local shops, enjoying delicious food in the small restaurants, and simply taking it easy.

Surrounded by mighty defensive walls, Lazise offers the right mix of historic setting and lively lake vibe, so that you feel like you’ve done loads and seen loads without actually having to exert yourself at all. It’s all about being in the moment and just taking in the beauty of it all – the blooming flowers in numerous gardens, balconies, and pots, the medieval crenellations of the tall defensive towers, and the sparkling blue waters of the lake.

Here is a shortlist of the most interesting historic sights to see in the centre of Lazise:

Medieval fortifications – thick and tall, they hold Lazise in their tight embrace. There are 12 towers and three gates: Porta Lion (also known as Porta San Marco), Porta Superiore (also known as Porta San Zeno), and Porta Cansignorio (also known as Porta Nuova).

Scaliger Castle – a private property, the castle is not open for visits. You can admire its tall towers from the outside. For more details about this striking medieval structure and its history, have a look at number 3 in this blog post: 10 Beautiful Castles to Visit Around Lake Garda, Italy.

Opposite the castle, you will find a large playground nestled in a pleasant green park. It’s a great place to head to if you are travelling as a family with kids.

Church of Sts. Zenone and Martino – a large Neoclassical church. It has been rebuilt several times and its current structure dates back to the 19th century.

3. Stroll Along the Lakefront Promenade of Lazise

The lakefront promenade of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

One of the best things about Lazise is its long lakefront promenade. Known as Lungolago Marconi, it starts from Porto Vecchio, runs along the historic centre, and then continues onwards to the nearby towns – Peschiera del Garda to the south and Bardolino and Garda to the north.

The walk from Lazise to Bardolino, for example, takes about an hour. It’s a very pleasant thing to do if you want to see more of the lake and feel part of the hubbub in summer and the peace and quiet in the low season.

You will notice that the promenade is covered with flagstones in black and white creating a beautiful wavy pattern. In the past, the waters of the lake flowed freely, Venice-style, into Lazise’s historic centre. Today, the old canals are filled up and the promenade’s design celebrates the memory of the olden days.

Numerous eateries and gelaterias are dotted along the promenade. You can either have lunch here enjoying the sprawling views or grab a delicious gelato to eat on the go.

Citrus trees are planted along the wavy stretch. In winter, they drip with ripe tangerines. Their bright orange colour makes even the coldest day on the lake feel so vibrant and full of life.

At the spot where the promenade leaves Lazise and heads out to the town of Bardolino, you will see the statue La Sirenetta del Lago and a yachting marina. The statue was inspired by the local fishermen’s tales of mermaids living in Lake Garda. The marina is known as Porto Nuovo.

4. Go to the Beach in Lazise

View of the beaches along the promenade leading from Lazise to Bardolino - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lake Garda is a great place to go to the beach on a hot summer day. You will find several beaches in and around Lazise to top your tan. Here are the ones I really like:

  • Spiaggia delle Rose – small and pebbly, this beach is right next to the lakefront promenade as it leaves the town of Lazise and heads towards Bardolino. Great for a quick dip when the sun gets too hot in summer.
  • Spiaggia Marra – a sandy beach just a little bit further away from Lazise’s Scaliger Castle and the historic centre. Most importantly, it has a large car park – a godsend in summer on Lake Garda.
  • Spiaggia d’Oro – marketed as the only fully sandy beach around Lake Garda, it offers all sorts of facilities – from sunloungers and umbrellas to pedalo hire. It’s managed by the adjacent camping site and as such only people holidaying in it, have access to the beach. I am mentioning it here in case a sandy beach and a campsite is what you are looking for this summer.

In addition, this website lists many more local beaches.

Bear in mind that many beaches around Lake Garda are covered in pebbles. Suitable beach shoes both in and out of the water are recommended. Exercise caution when swimming here. As with every lake and body of water, it’s important to be careful and use common sense. Especially, as the water can get very deep very quickly at Lake Garda’s beaches.

Have a look at these two blog posts for more information about the beaches of Lake Garda and how to spend a great beach day at Italy’s largest lake:

5. Sample Local Foods in Lazise

A local restaurant in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Protected by rugged mountains to the north and rolling hills to the south, Lake Garda enjoys a mild Mediterranean-style microclimate. Vineyards and olive groves carpet the slopes and plains around the lake. Centuries-old citrus gardens still provide rich pickings of oranges and lemons.

The lake is territorially split between three northern Italian regions – Veneto (to which Lazise belongs), Lombardy, and Trentino-Alto Adige. Each one of them has its own flavours and dishes. So, you will have a chance to try many different things during your time here – from Italy-wide staples such as pizza, risotto, and pasta to authentic local specialties prepared with lake fish and locally-grown fruit and vegetables.

For an in-depth introduction to the local cuisine, have a look at this blog post:

In a nutshell, focus on the traditional for Lake Garda foodstuffs – extra virgin olive oil, fresh lake fish, black truffles, chestnuts, and fruit such as peaches and kiwis. In terms of authentic local dishes, try:

  • bigoli con le sarde – this is thick spaghetti-shaped pasta served with a delicious sauce of sardines.
  • risotto con la tenca – a typical for the area of Verona dish which combines locally-produced rice with the abundant here tench fish.
  • fritto misto – expect a mix of battered and fried pieces of different types of fish served with fried vegetables. It’s much more delicious than it sounds.
  • tortellini di Valeggio sul Mincio – known as tortellini nodo d’amore (love-knot tortellini), these are delicious parcels of handmade pasta stuffed with different fillings. They are typical for the nearby town of Valeggio sul Mincio which is also famous for its medieval hamlet of Borghetto sul Mincio.

6. Enjoy Fun Events All Throughout the Year in Lazise

The lakefront promenade of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise is a great place to visit if you want to experience fun and lively Italian events. This popular town on the shores of Lake Garda has a rich calendar of happenings that take place all throughout the year. You can keep an eye on the event calendar published by the local council to see what’s on during your visit.

A weekly market is on every Wednesday. In May, Lazise stages a large historic reenactment. This is when the town honours Otto II – the 10th century Holy Roman Emperor who granted administrative autonomy to Lazise. As such, its citizens could fortify the town as well as fish and trade without paying taxes to local rulers. This is why Lazise is known as Italy’s oldest municipality.

In summer, sports competitions, art exhibitions, community hikes, and food festivals are the order of the day.

In October, the annual honey festival of Lazise attracts producers of artisan honey from all over Italy. Known as I giorni del Miele – The Days of Honey – it’s been going strong for several decades.

In winter, the town is a bit more sedate, yet it goes all out to celebrate Christmas and New Year. This is when lights are draped all around the historic centre and a temporary ice rink is installed next to the centuries-old defensive walls.

The Christmas market takes over the main square and the lakefront promenade. From excellent local nougat to truffles from the nearby Monte Baldo, there is lots to make you stop at the different chalets and shop for a lovely Italian Christmas experience.

Map of the Best Sights and Landmarks in Lazise, Italy

Here is a handy map of Lazise showing the exact locations of the best sights and landmarks to explore in this lovely town on Lake Garda, Italy.

You can use it as any other map in Google Maps. For example, you can zoom in and out, calculate directions to and from Lazise, and check distances between the different lakefront towns and sights. To open the map in a new browser tab, click on the last icon in its top right corner.

A click on the first icon in the top left corner of the map will open a list of the sights and landmarks pinned to it. For ease of use, I have listed them here:

1. Porto Vecchio 2. Dogana Veneta 3. Church of San Nicolo’ al Porto 4. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 5. Ferryboat Ticket Office 6. Porta Lion (Porta San Marco) 7. Porta Superiore (Porta San Zeno) 8. Porta Cansignorio (Porta Nuova) 9. Scaliger Castle 10. Playground 11. Church of Sts. Zeno and Martino 12. Lungolago Marconi 13. La Sirenetta del Lago 14. Porto Nuovo

16 Best Things to Do around Lazise on Italy’s Lake Garda

1. Head to Italy’s Best Amusement Parks around Lazise on Lake Garda

Large theme park at Lake Garda, Italy -

Italy’s largest and best amusement parks are clustered next door to Lazise on the southern shore of Lake Garda. This makes this small lakefront town a great destination for two reasons:

  • you can either choose it as a base from which to visit the parks, or
  • you can head to Lazise in the afternoon for a bit of sightseeing after an exciting morning spent in one of the parks.

No matter which one you will choose, here are the amusement parks to enjoy in the vicinity of Lazise:

CanevaWorld Resort – with two theme parks – Movieland the Hollywood Park and Caneva the Aquapark – and three theme restaurants, this is an amazing place to visit right on the shores of Lake Garda.

You can either visit the two parks on the same day by buying a combined ticket or dedicate a day (or more) to each. There is a great selection of rides, slides, and attractions for the whole family in both parks to keep you happily occupied for hours.

For lunch or dinner with a difference, head to one of the three on-site restaurants:

  • Safari Pizza – for an Italian pizza with an interactive savannah adventure;
  • Medieval Times – for dinner and show in a setting plucked from a fun version of the Middle Ages where love prevails and the best knight always wins;
  • Rock Star Restaurant – for American-style food in an all-you-can-eat format.

Gardaland – this is a great place to visit. The rides and attractions keep the whole family having fun from morning till dusk. The entertainment shows are spectacular, too.

You can either visit Gardaland during the high season from April/May to September or you can come for the special Halloween and Magic Winter events. If you choose the latter, expect the most amazing and heart-warming Christmas adventures including a visit to Santa’s House which is staffed by cookie-baking elves.

Gardaland is also where you can visit two additional Lake Garda theme parks:

  • Italy’s first Legoland Water Park (see more under point 3 below); and
  • Gardaland Sealife Aquarium – Italy’s first fully themed aquarium. It has 40 pools and it’s home to over 5,000 creatures that represent the fauna of Lake Garda and the world’s seas and oceans. It’s a great place to experience for yourself, especially on a rainy day when you still want to be surrounded by water without getting wet.

Legoland Water Park is on the territory of Gardaland. Gardaland Sealife Aquarium is just across the large car park from Gardaland.

To simplify your Italy travel planning, when visiting Lake Garda and its amusement parks you can choose to stay in the Gardaland Resort. It has three thematic hotels – Gardaland HotelGardaland Adventure Hotel, and Gardaland Magic Hotel. As well as thematic restaurants and even more fun activities to keep the whole family happy.

Leolandia – this is one of the major amusement parks in Italy. It is geared specifically toward younger kids and their families. It’s on the outskirts of Milan, so it’s just over an hour away by car from Lazise.

With dozens of attractions and rides plus many exciting seasonal events, Leolandia is a great place to head to with the whole family. This theme park could be a great destination if you are spending a week or longer on Lake Garda and want to branch out and explore more of Northern Italy.

N.B.: Lake Garda’s amusement parks operate seasonally. Usually, they are open during the high season from April/May to September. Then some of them may open on selected weekends and/or days during the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Before heading there, it’s always a good idea to check the official websites (links are provided above) for current opening hours and days.

2. Relax in Thermal Spas around Lazise on Lake Garda

Waterside view of Acquaria Terme - a spa resort in the town of Sirmione - Lake Garda, Italy -

If you love spa experiences, Lazise is a great base from which to explore the different spa facilities in the area. Fed by Lake Garda’s numerous thermal springs they offer many opportunities for wellness treatments and full body and mind relaxation. Here are three to give you an idea of what to expect:

Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri – come swim in the thermal lakes of this expansive spa park. Expect whirlpools, a wellness centre, and a luxury hotel. All fed by thermal waters. Plus, opportunities to swim even late in the evenings and all year round!

Aquaria Thermal SPA – just off the historic centre of Sirmione, this is a very elegant place with a number of swimming pools, a wellness area, and long lines of sunloungers providing fantastic lake views.

Aquardens Spa Verona – these large thermal baths are just off the southern edge of Lake Garda and are easy to access from many lakefront towns like Lazise and Bardolino. Expect a succession of pools, lagoons, and waterfalls as well as an excellent wellness area. It’s not in vain that Aquardens is known as Italy’s largest and most modern spa centre. Kids of any age are also welcome here and there is lots to keep them active and happy for several hours.

3. Have Fun in Fabulous Waterparks around Lazise on Lake Garda

Water park at Lake Garda, Italy -

Right next door to Lazise, you will find many waterparks to spend fun hours in during the hottest summer days. From large outfits with lots of pools, cool slides, and entertainment shows to small aquaparks frequented by the locals, you will find a place to fit your requirements.

Here are some of the best waterparks to head to in the vicinity of Lazise:

Caneva the Aquapark – five minutes away from Lazise, this is a large and exciting waterpark where you can easily spend the whole day simply playing in the water and having fun. Among the best attractions here are the replica volcano, the lazy river, the Caribbean island, and the many different water slides. Alternatively, simply relax in one of the poolside cabanas and enjoy the hot Italian sun.

Cavour Water Park – this water park stands just off the southern edge of Lake Garda and it’s easy to access from the lakefront towns of Peschiera del Garda, Desenzano del Garda, Lazise, and Sirmione. It is a great place to spend a hot summer day at. There is lots to do and see here for the whole family.

Among the main attractions are Palm Beach, Paradise Island, the Rainforest water route, and the Kamikaze turbo slide. I particularly love the events held here, especially the Carnival Party.

Le Ninfee del Garda – halfway between the towns of Desenzano del Garda and Peschiera del Garda, this waterpark offers a lagoon pool, a semi-Olympic pool, and different slides.

Legoland Water Park at Gardaland – this is Italy’s first Legoland water structure. It’s part of Italy’s largest amusement park – Gardaland. Some of the best attractions here include River Adventure, Pirate Bay, and Jungle Oasis. Adults can access this water park only if accompanying child(ren) under 12 years of age.

Parco La Quiete – a lovely waterpark near the towns of Desenzano del Garda and Peschiera del Garda. Come here for its dragon-themed playground, treasure island, lagoon pool, and family pool. This water park also shares the grounds with the Le Quiete Adventure Park.

Picoverde – this is a small waterpark a short drive away from the southern edge of Lake Garda. It’s very easy to access from the towns of Peschiera del Garda and Lazise. It has a lagoon pool, two Kamikaze slides, a playground, a natural pond, an extensive sunbathing area, and a large restaurant/pizzeria.

N. B.: Lake Garda’s waterparks operate seasonally. Usually, they are open during the high season from May to September. Before heading there, it’s always a good idea to check the official websites (links are provided above) for current opening hours and days.

4. Explore Quirky Sights and Must-See Museums around Lazise on Lake Garda

Museo Nicolis - Villafranca di Verona, Veneto, Italy -

In the surroundings of Lazise, you will find many must-see museums and quirky sights to visit as part of your explorations of Lake Garda in Italy.

Have a look at these suggestions and see which one(s) will appeal to you depending on your interests:

Museum of the Olive Oil – this museum explores the history and the production process behind Lake Garda’s green liquid gold. It also has a very well-stocked shop selling olive oils and olive oil-based products.

Museo Sisan – this museum explores the fishing, hunting, and craft heritage of Lake Garda. It also covers the ornithological diversity of the area.

Zeni Wine Museum – this museum is part of the Zeni Winery. It is a great introduction to the rich local history of viticulture and wine production. The highlights of the visit include an olfactory gallery, a barrique cellar, and 16th-century wine presses.

Flover – this huge garden centre is a must-see at Christmas when it transforms into an exciting Christmas village. Expect theatrical performances, many different events, an ice rink, visits by Santa, and tons of beautiful Christmas decorations.

Parco Natura Viva – this is a large zoological and safari park just off the southern shore of Lake Garda. It hosts one of Italy’s most important zoological collections. It’s also a centre for the conservation of endangered animal species.

Museo Nicolis – this is a splendid museum housing 300 classic cars, motorbikes, and bicycles. It even has airplanes parked on its rooftop!

Tower of San Martino della Battaglia – this 74 m tall tower was erected in the 19th century to commemorate a historic battle held. An ossuary keeps the remains of fallen soldiers.

Ugo da Como Foundation – this is a group of beautiful historic buildings in the town of Lonato del Garda. From an ancient fortress to a house museum, there are many wonderful frescoes, books, and historic artifacts to admire here.

Vittoriale degli Italiani  – this huge hillside estate is one of the most important landmarks on the shores of Lake Garda, Italy. In English, its name means ‘The Shrine of Italian Victories’. It was created by Gabriele D’Annunzio – a larger-than-life Italian poet, writer, fighter pilot, and army officer. He lived here for 16 years until his death in 1938. Time spent erecting an amphitheatre in the garden of the estate, encasing a battleship on the side of a hill, and furnishing the spacious on-site villa in a lavish manner recalling and exemplifying all the reasons that should make the Italians proud of their history.

For more quirky and unique sights to see in the vicinity of Lazise, have a look at this blog post:

5. Ferry-Hop Around Lake Garda Starting from Lazise

A large ferry boat approaching the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Crisscrossing Lake Garda on board a ferry is a great thing to do. Luckily, Lazise is one of the main points of departure for ferry trips on the lake. Even if you are here just for the day, a short trip by boat will give you a different angle to enjoy the natural setting.

Seeing the lake shores and the lakefront towns from the water is a very photogenic experience. From the deck, you can spot long promenades, medieval castles, pastel houses, chains of rolling hills, pebbly beaches, little coves, olive groves, Roman ruins, and centuries-old citrus gardens. 

From Lazise, the ferry boats take around 40 mins to the gorgeous town of Sirmione and then continue to Desenzano del Garda. To reach Bardolino and Garda Town in the opposite direction, pencil in, respectively 15-20 mins and 25-30 mins.

Bear in mind, however, that travel times and the frequency of ferries depend strictly on the day and the season. There could be significant variations between the high and the low season and the different days of the week. Click to consult the official Lake Garda Navigation website for specific timetables.

In addition, have a look at point 2 in this blog post for more information about travelling by ferry on Lake Garda:

6. Go Hiking in the Surroundings of Lazise on Lake Garda

The promontory of Punta di San Vigilio seen from the top of Rocca di Garda - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise is in the flatlands around the southeastern edge of Lake Garda. Yet, right next door to this lakefront town, you will find plenty of hills and mountains to enjoy some of the most exciting hikes in this corner of Italy. There are many trails to suit all abilities.

A relatively short and exhilarating hike to do is to the top of Rocca di Garda. This is a flattop hill between the towns of Bardolino and Garda. In the past, an early medieval fortress crowned its summit. The fortress’ name – Garda (from the German warda – a place of observation) – supplanted in the 8th century AD the original Roman name of the lake – Lacus Benacus. You can either walk from Lazise to Garda Town along the lakefront promenade and then continue to the top of Rocca di Garda or take the bus to Garda Town and hike from there.

If you have a car at your disposal, then you can reach the trailheads of many great hikes in the area. I particularly enjoyed hiking the route to Naole’s Crest on Monte Baldo and the circular route of the Madonna dell’Accoglienza near Malcesine. Another great place to hike is the waterfall park – Parco delle Cascate – which is about 40 mins away by car from Lazise. Finally, this website has some excellent recommendations for hikes organised by level of difficulty around the whole of Lake Garda.

In addition to hiking, the area around the lake is also great for mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, canyoning, and nordic walking. So, it’s the perfect destination for lovers of nature and/or high-adrenaline sports. 

7. Enjoy Gorgeous Garden Parks around Lazise on Lake Garda

The ponds - Parco Giardino Sigurta' - Valeggio sul Mincio, Veneto, Italy -

Lazise is perfectly positioned for a visit to some of Northern Italy’s most beautiful historic gardens and landscaped parks. If you like blooming flowers, lush meadows, and ornamental ponds, you are in for a treat. Take your pick:

Parco Giardino Sigurta’ – an enormous landscaped park just off the southern shore of Lake Garda. It is officially recognised as one of the most beautiful parks in Italy and Europe. Its lush lawns, millions of tulips and roses, small ponds, and long alleys are a delight to see and photograph. You can read more about it in this blog post: 4 Gardens in the Veneto That Became Italy’s Most Beautiful Parks.

Giardino Giusti – a splendid Renaissance garden on the outskirts of Verona. First planted in the 16th century, it has been visited by many historic personalities – from Cosimo III de Medici and Mozart to Goethe and John Ruskin. You can admire Verona’s stunning panorama from the top levels of the garden.

Orto Botanico del Monte Baldo – Monte Baldo is an Alpine mountain chain that shelters the eastern shores of Lake Garda. It is known as the Garden of Europe for its remarkable botanical diversity. The Botanical Garden of Monte Baldo is at a height of 1,232 m above sea level. It replicates the natural ecosystems that thrive on the mountain.

Heller Garden – a sensual botanical garden where art and nature unite. It was planted at the start of the 20th century. Nowadays, the garden is owned by the Austrian multimedia visionary artist Andre Heller. He is also the designer of the experience attraction Swarovski Crystal World in Austria.

The easiest way to reach these parks and gardens from Lazise is by car. Some of them can also be reached by public transport but travelling times will be much longer. For example, you can get the bus from Lazise to Peschiera del Garda and once there – a bus to Valeggio sul Mincio to visit Parco Giardino Sigurta’ or a train to Verona to see Giardino Giusti.

Giardino Giusti is open year-round but the other three gardens close during the low season. Check their opening times in advance to avoid disappointment.

8. Marvel at Ancient Roman Ruins a Ferry Hop Away from Lazise on Lake Garda

Jamaica Beach with Grotte di Catullo - Sirmione, Lake Garda, Italy -

The ancient Romans knew a good thing when they saw it. So, it’s not surprising then that they settled on the shores of Lake Garda and built lavish lakefront villas to enjoy life. Nowadays, archaeological excavations have uncovered large-scale Roman ruins here. Seeing them during your time in Lazise is a great idea.

Here are some of the best ancient Roman ruins for you to explore a ferry hop or a bus ride away:

Grotte di Catullo and Archaeological Museum – a vast archaeological park with the excavated ruins of a majestic Roman villa dating back to the 1st century BC. It stands right next to the lakefront town of Sirmione at the tip of the long promontory Sirmio.

Roman Villa of Desenzano del Garda – an important archaeological site in the largest town on the shores of Lake Garda. Come here to admire many beautiful and well-preserved Roman mosaics. It is thought that Desenzano del Garda was named after the owner of the villa – a Roman citizen called Decentius.

Roman Villa of Nonii Arrii – near Bau Beach in the lakefront town of Toscolano. This is one of the most important Roman residential buildings found on the shores of Lake Garda. It dates back to the 2nd century AD and has some well-preserved mosaics.

Archaeological Museum A. Mucchi – in the lakefront town of Salo’. This museum showcases the findings made during the excavations of the Lugone Necropolis – a Roman burial site with 165 graves.

If ancient history is your thing and you don’t mind travelling a bit further from Lazise, then head to the nearby cities of Verona and Brescia.

In Verona, you can see one of the largest surviving to our days ancient Roman arenas, a splendid archaeological museum, as well as majestic arches, gates, and excavated ruins. In Brescia, you can admire the largest Roman archaeological area in Northern Italy.

9. Practise Water Sports around Lazise on Lake Garda

Boats with the centuries-old Church of San Nicolo in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lake Garda offers many opportunities to try your hand at water sports. You can surf, kitesurf, water ski, dive, paddleboard, hire a pedalo or a motor boat and even practice canyoning and canoeing here. You don’t have to be an expert either.

Many water sports companies around the lake offer tasters, individual and group training, guided practice, as well as boat and sailing tours. Also, at several of the beaches around Lazise, you can rent pedalos and SUP boards. For example, try Relaxactionbeach.

Here are some local companies to consider:

Hiring a motorboat (or a sailing yacht for that matter) to crisscross Lake Garda is one of the coolest ways to travel here. You can have a boat at your disposal for a few hours or a whole week if you like. Prices are not prohibitive and getting around Lake Garda by boat is a lot of fun, too. To give you an idea, in previous summers, we have paid between 120 and 140 euros for three hours for a small boat.

If you don’t have any experience with motorboats or yachts, you can hire a skipper, too to take you places.

Bear in mind that the portion of Lake Garda from Malcesine up towards Riva del Garda and Torbole is off-limits for motorboats as lots of people practice windsurfing and kitesurfing there. You should be given full instructions by the boat chartering company as to how further north you can venture and where is the cut-off line.

A serious word of warning here, however! The lake water can get very cold very quickly. Especially, the further away from the shore you are. The boat chartering company should provide you with life jackets and advise you specifically where it’s considered safe to anchor and how close to the shore you can get.

During the high season, there is a high level of boat traffic in Lake Garda. Many luxury boats here travel at full speed. You need to observe proper distances from other boats, yachts, and the shore at all times.

If you don’t have prior experience driving boats and a skipper is not available to hire, then it’s best to catch the ferry or book a boat tour of Lago di Garda. This half an hour tour of the promontory of Sirmio is a great taster to seeing Italy’s largest lake from the water. With this four-hour sightseeing cruise, you will enjoy the best views along the southwestern shores of Lake Garda. Finally, this tour will delight you with waterside panoramas of some of the most beautiful medieval castles here.

10. Explore Beautiful Lakefront Towns Starting from Lazise on Lake Garda

View of the historic harbour and the historic centre from the medieval Scaliger Castle - Torri del Benaco, Italy -

Lazise is only one of the many beautiful towns dotted on the shores of Italy’s Lake Garda. If you are spending a few days here, then Lazise is a great point of departure to visit as many of them as possible.

Rich in history and enjoying a beautiful natural setting, Lake Garda’s towns are a delight to discover one by one. Here are the ones you can easily reach by car, ferry, or public transport from Lazise:

Bardolino – a lakefront town with a rich history, a cute historic centre, several churches dating back to the 11th-12th centuries, and 12th-century defensive walls. Plus, the local claret wine is especially famous!

Garda Town – a beautiful lakefront town with a picturesque historic centre where many large-scale events take place throughout the year. The Christmas market is especially lovely!

Peschiera del Garda – come here to see the Venetian fortifications which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Peschiera also has the nearest to Lazise railway station!

Torri del Benaco – a very pretty medieval town with a majestic castle, centuries-old citrus garden, a lovely historic centre, and several beaches.

Sirmione – this is easily the most famous town on Lake Garda. Its historic centre is on the end of a long thin promontory and it’s best reached from Lazise by ferry. Come here for the medieval castle, the large Roman ruins, and the fantastic thermal spas. The local beaches are also lovely with Spiaggia di Giamaica considered the most beautiful beach of Lago di Garda.

Desenzano del Garda – the largest town on Lake Garda has numerous must-see sights and a vibrant nightlife. Desenzano also has a railway station.

Brenzone sul Garda and Castelletto sul Garda – these are two cute as a button small lakefront towns. With many beaches and eateries in addition to several hiking paths and medieval villages in the hills above them, they are a great destination no matter if you are after relaxation or want to keep active.

Malcesine – absolutely beautiful, this lakefront town will impress you with its medieval castle, cable car, and outstanding olive oil.

The most convenient way to travel around Lake Garda is by car. However, in summer, traffic jams may happen and parking spaces can be hard to find. The ferry is a great way to reach the towns of Garda, Bardolino, Sirmione, Peschiera del Garda, and Desenzano del Garda from Lazise. Local buses circumnavigate the lake giving you a chance to see more of it. For further details scroll down to the section with practical tips or have a look at this blog post:

Click here for more ideas about beautiful towns to visit around Lake Garda:

11. Discover Gorgeous Medieval Villages Next Door to Lazise on Lake Garda

The ancient watermills on the River Mincio - Borghetto sul Mincio, Italy -
Borghetto sul Mincio

Don’t limit yourself to exploring just the towns on Lake Garda. Near Lazise, you will also find many ancient villages. Pretty as a picture with their cobbled streets and centuries-old houses, they offer access to beautiful corners of nature, surprising historic facts, and rich local heritage.

Here are four of the best villages to see for yourself in the vicinity of Lazise. Coincidentally, the first two are on the official list of Italy’s most beautiful villages: 

Castellaro Lagusello – this small fortified village is less than 30 mins away by car. Perched on the shores of a small heart-shaped lake, it’s a great destination if you love medieval hamlets and their history. You can easily combine it with a visit to Borghetto sul Mincio, too.

Borghetto sul Mincio – this small village is less than 30 mins away by car, too. Its ancient water mills stand over the River Mincio. Many of them nowadays function as restaurants serving the local delicacy – love-knot tortellini. Borghetto has a hilltop castle and an impressive medieval bridge. It’s also next door to Valeggio sul Mincio – a cute little town where you can visit one of Italy’s most beautiful garden parks, Parco Giardino Sigurta’, as well as a great water park – Parco Cavour.

Campo di Brenzone – this is a 1,000-year-old medieval village in the lush hills above Lake Garda. To reach it, you need to park your car in Marniga – a small lakeside community about 35 mins away by car from Lazise. Then, you need to hike for 30 to 40 minutes following centuries-old mule tracks that weave through olive groves higher and higher above the lake. Have a look at this blog post for information on how to do this hike: Campo di Brenzone – A Great Day Trip to a Medieval Village in the Hills Above Lake Garda, Italy.

Molina – a beautiful village with slate-roofed houses and ancient watermills. Molina is also right next to the stunning Parco delle Cascate – a natural park with 18 waterfalls that you can hike past.

If you don’t have a car at your disposal during your stay in Lazise, you can use the local buses to visit some of these villages. For example, for Borghetto sul Mincio you can get bus 164 to Peschiera del Garda and once there get bus 46 to Valeggio sul Mincio. Borghetto is then a short walk away. Travel times, however, are going to be much longer than getting there by car.

12. Visit Some of Italy’s Most Stunning Sanctuaries from Lazise on Lake Garda

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona - Spiazzi, Veneto, Italy -

Three of Northern Italy’s most beautiful and interesting Christian sanctuaries are an easy trip away by car from Lazise. A visit to them gives you a chance to explore the area on a deeper level. If you are a quick sightseer and don’t mind driving around, you can try to see the sanctuaries in one day. They are:

Abbazia di Maguzzano – this is a Benedictine abbey on the outskirts of the town of Desenzano del Garda. You can drive there in about 30 mins from Lazise.

With a history that stretches back to the 9th century, the abbey has a beautiful Renaissance church, a small museum, and an iconography school.

Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino – this sanctuary stands on the spot of a miraculous event that took place on 11th May 1510. This is when the local farmer Bartolomeo Broglia was attacked by a large poisonous snake as he was walking across the countryside.

He prayed to the Virgin Mary to save him. At that moment a small statue of the Madonna appeared illuminated by a strong beam of light in the branches of a nearby ash tree (in Italian, frassino) and the snake slid away.

The small statue and the trunk of the tree can be seen to this day in the church built to commemorate the divine miracle. This sanctuary is near the lakefront town of Peschiera del Garda and you can reach it by car from Lazise in about 20 mins.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona – half-hewn into the rocks at a height of 774 m, this is a centuries-old sanctuary in the Northern Italian region of Veneto. Lately, it has been attracting a lot of attention on social media on account of its dramatic location. You can reach it in about 30 mins by car from Lazise.

For detailed information about how to visit and what to see there, have a look at this blog post: 

13. Fall in Love with Lake Garda’s Most Romantic Corner Just Up the Road from Lazise

Waterside view of Punta di San Vigilio with the famous Locanda - Lake Garda, Italy -

Punta di San Vigilio is a small promontory that juts deep into Lake Garda and separates its wide southern end from its elongated northern half.

Often referred to as the most romantic and the most charming corner of Lake Garda, Punta di San Vigilio is about 12 km away from Lazise. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore it in case you are spending a long holiday here and are looking for beautiful places to see!

The promontory is a truly lovely place steeped in legends. It has one of the best beaches on Lake Garda. It also has a medieval hamlet that nowadays functions as a luxury resort. It offers gorgeous views across Italy’s largest lake. Plus, a gulp of cormorants nests on a tiny islet just off its shores. Many celebrities and even royalty have holidayed at Punta di San Vigilio over the decades.

Have a look at this blog post for more information about Punta di San Vigilio on Lake Garda and what to do and see here:

The easiest way to reach Punta di San Vigilio from Lazise is by car. Alternatively, you can get bus 483 (operational during the high season) up to Punta di San Viglio or bus 162 to the town of Garda and then bus 484 (or a taxi) onwards. You may need to ask the bus driver to specifically stop there for you.

You can combine a quick visit to Punta di San Vigilio with time spent in the nearby towns of Garda and Bardolino. Another option is to continue uplake to Italy’s shortest river and the mountain of Monte Baldo (see points 14 and 15 below).

14. See Italy’s Shortest River Just Up the Road from Lazise on Lake Garda

Italy's shortest river Aril in Cassone near Malcesine, Italy -

If you are spending a few days in Lazise and want to see something curious, then head up the lake all the way to Aril. This is Italy’s shortest river! You will find it in the small village of Cassone on the eastern shores of Lago di Garda. It’s about 32 km away from Lazise.

Visiting Aril is a great experience. The river runs fast and furious. It’s fed by freshwater springs and after only 175 m it flows straight into the lake. Along its short course, it navigates a small weir and three bridges.

The village of Cassone itself is pretty as a picture. It was actually painted by one of the most famous symbolist artists – Gustav Klimt (of ‘The Kiss’ fame). His painting of Cassone was sold a few years ago for almost 27 million GBP!

In Cassone, you can also visit the Museum of the Lake. It preserves the memory of the local fishing traditions. The museum has two water reservoirs where you can see the typical for Lake Garda trouts, carp, and eels.  

Have a look at this blog post for more information about the River Aril, Cassone, and what to do and see in their vicinity:

The easiest way to reach Cassone from Lazise is by car. Alternatively, you can get bus 483 (operational during the high season) up to Cassone or bus 162 to the town of Garda and then bus 484 onwards. It is not a short journey but it will give you a chance to see the eastern shores of the lake and glimpse several beautiful towns along the way.

If you are a quick sightseer, you can combine a visit to Aril and Cassone with nearby Punta di San Vigilio (see above), Malcesine, and Monte Baldo. Malcesine is one of the most beautiful towns on Lake Garda. Monte Baldo is covered in detail under the next point.

15. Take the Cable Car to the Top of Monte Baldo Just Up the Road from Lazise on Lake Garda

Lake Garda seen from a snowy Monte Baldo - Malcesine, Veneto, Italy -

This is a great thing to do if you are staying in Lazise for a few days and are eager to see more of Lake Garda.

Monte Baldo is an Alpine mountain chain that shelters the eastern shores of Italy’s largest lake. Known as the Garden of Europe for its remarkable botanical diversity, the mountain is crisscrossed by hiking paths and it is a delight to explore.

The rotating cable car Funivia Monte Baldo gives you a chance to quickly get to the top of the mountain. Its ground station stands right next to the lakefront town of Malcesine (about 36 km away from Lazise) and it has a spacious car park adjacent to it. The ride is truly spectacular as it opens panoramic views over the whole northern half of Lake Garda.

The journey to the top of Monte Baldo is split in two. The first cable car takes you from the ground station to the station of San Michele at a height of 560 m. The views of the town of Malcesine as the cable car smoothly glides uphill are soul-inspiring. You feel like you are flying over the red rooftops which slowly grow smaller and smaller and the enormous expanse of Lake Garda fills the panorama with its sparkling blue colours.

At San Michele, you take a second cable car that is bigger and even swisher than the first. While you wait, an open-air platform provides even more stunning views. Board the second cable car and don’t worry about trying to bag the best spot inside for panoramic views and pictures. The cable car slowly swivels around its axe providing a 360 degrees view. Thus everyone on board gets to enjoy it from all possible angles.

After a short but exhilarating ascent, the cable car stops at a modern terminal at a height of 1760 m. In summer, people go there to get active by hiking, paragliding, Nordic walking, and mountain biking or simply to take in the beautiful views. In winter, you can ski, snowboard, and sled.

Bear in mind that Monte Baldo’s cable car is a very popular attraction. During the high season, long queues tend to form. If you only have a limited time to spend at Lake Garda, either buy your ticket online in advance or head to the ticket office as soon as possible to book your time slot.

The easiest way to reach Malcesine from Lazise is by car. Alternatively, you can get bus 483 (operational during the high season) up to Malcesine or bus 162 to the town of Garda and then bus 484 to Malcesine. It is not a short journey but it will give you a chance to see the eastern shores of the lake and glimpse several beautiful towns along the way.

You can combine Malcesine and Monte Baldo with a quick visit to Italy’s shortest river – Aril – and Lake Garda’s most romantic corner – Punta di San Vigilio.

16. Take a Day Trip from Lazise to Some of Italy’s Most Beautiful Cities

Riva del Vin seen from Rialto Bridge - Venice, Italy -

Lazise is a short to manageable distance away from some of the most beautiful and rich in history and art Northern Italian cities. If you are planning to use Lazise as your base during your Italian holiday, you can take many exciting day trips from it either by car or bus and train.

Lazise is right next to two toll highways. See the section with practical travel information further below for more details about them.

The town doesn’t have a railway station, so you can get the bus to either Peschiera del Garda (15 mins away) or Verona (50 mins away) and proceed by train from there.

Here are some of the best destinations for day trips from Lazise on Lake Garda:

Verona – universally known as the City of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a beautiful place with a multilayered history and dozens of sights to explore. 

Brescia – Lombardy’s second-largest city has a history that spans more than 3,200 years. With impressive Roman ruins and an enormous museum that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Brescia is a lively and exciting place to visit. 

Vicenza – this elegant city is famous for its Palladian palaces and Renaissance architecture. It is also an important centre of gold jewellery design and production. 

Padua – the city of science and religion has a long list of must-see sights. Among them are Italy’s second-oldest University, the world’s first permanent anatomic theatre, and the famous Scrovegni Chapel which is one of the earliest masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance.

Venice – the beautiful City of Canals doesn’t need an introduction. From world-class museums to splendid architecture in a unique natural setting, there is so much to do and see here.

Milan – Lombardy’s capital is world-famous on account of its Duomo and Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. This is a large and vibrant city where you can enjoy sightseeing and shop for exclusive Italian brands.

Mantua – Lombardy’s Renaissance Pearl is dotted with lavish frescoed palaces and more works of art than can be seen in a lifetime. The local food is also delicious. 

Have a look at this blog post for detailed information and tips about driving around Lake Garda and taking the train here:

For more ideas about beautiful cities to visit on a day trip from Lazise, have a look at these blog posts:

Map of the Best Places to Visit Near Lazise on Lake Garda

This map shows you the location of the best places to visit near the town of Lazise in Italy.

You can use it as any other map in Google Maps. For example, you can zoom in and out, calculate directions to and from Lazise, and check distances between the different lakefront towns and sights. To open the map in a new browser tab, click on the last icon in its top right corner.

A click on the first icon in the top left corner of the map will open a list of the towns, sights, and other locations pinned to it. If you want, you can tick off and on the different layers so as to focus just on certain types of sights and places to visit near Lazise.

For ease of use, here they are organised in categories that correspond to the different map layers:

Starting point: 0. Lazise – marked with a red star, all other destinations are pinned with a blue star.

Amusement and Water Parks: 1. Movieland the Hollywood Park 2. Caneva the Aquapark 3. Gardaland 4. Gardaland SEA Life Aquarium 5. Parco Termale Villa dei Cedri 6. Aquaria Thermal Spa 7. Aquardens Spa Verona 8. Cavour Waterpark 9. Le Ninfee del Garda 10. Parco La Quiete 11. Picoverde

Interesting Places Nearby: 12. Museum of the Oilive Oil 13. Museo Sisan 14. Zeni Wine Museum 15. Flover 16. Parco Natura Viva 17. Museo Nicolis 18. Tower of San Martino della Battaglia 19. Ugo da Como Foundation 20. Vittoriale degli Italiani 21.Parco delle Cascate 22. Parco Giardino Sigurta’ 23. Giardino Giusti 24. Orto Botanico del Monte Baldo 25. Heller Garden 26. Grotte di Catullo

Hikes: 27. Rocca di Garda 28. Naole’s Crest 29. Madonna dell’Accoglienza

Nearby Towns: 30. Bardolino 31. Garda Town 32. Peschiera del Garda 33. Torri del Benaco 34. Sirmione 35. Desenzano del Garda 36. Brenzone sul Garda 37. Malcesine

Medieval Villages: 38. Castellaro Lagusello 39. Borghetto sul Mincio 40. Campo di Brenzone 41. Molina

Sanctuaries: 42. Abbazia di Maguzzano 43. Sanctuary of Madonna del Frassino 44. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona 

Eastern Shores of Lake Garda: 45. Punta di San Vigilio 46. Cassone and River Aril 47. Cable Car to Monte Baldo

Practical Information about Visiting Lazise on Italy’s Lake Garda

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Is Lazise Worth Visiting?

A side street in the historic centre of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Yes, Lazise is worth a visit. If you are in the area, this is one of the loveliest corners on Lake Garda to see for yourself.

Pretty as a picture, easy to explore in an hour or two, and convenient to reach by all types of transport (bar trains), this is one small town in the northern Italian region of Veneto you will want to tick off your list.

Plus, you can combine a visit to Lazise with so many other activities in the area – from hiking in the hills surrounding Lake Garda to a ferry or boat trip to other nearby lakefront towns, from having fun in some of Italy’s best and largest theme parks to enjoying the local cuisine.

All in all, Lazise is a great destination in Italy and this is why I keep revisiting it any chance I get.

How Long to Spend in Lazise When in Italy?

The cute display of a souvenir shop in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise is a great destination for a day trip on Lake Garda or a longer stay in this corner of Italy. The town is small and easy to walk around. The local sights can all be seen very quickly and coupled with a nice walk through the historic centre and along the lakefront promenade.

If you don’t have much time and you want to see the most, then stop for an hour or two in Lazise and then continue to the nearby lakefront towns either by ferry or car. If you want a nice, relaxed lunch by the lake, then pencil in half a day in Lazise, and then you can spend the other half at one of the nearby theme parks.

For its lovely historic centre, great position on the lake, and close location to many other must-see towns and cities nearby, Lazise is also a very convenient base for a longer Italian holiday. The town offers a great variety of accommodations and above all, that feeling of lightness and excitement that is paramount to the success of any holiday.

How to Reach Lazise from Anywhere in Italy and Abroad?

Restaurants and centuries-old houses in the historic centre of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

No matter your point of departure, Lazise is easy to reach by plane from abroad and by car, bus, or ferry from the different towns around Lake Garda as well as from the nearby large Italian cities of Verona, Brescia, PaduaVenice, Milan, and Bologna.

Here is how to do it:

By Plane

Bardolino seen from above - Rocca di Garda, Lake Garda, Italy -

Verona Airport is the nearest and most convenient airport for Lazise on Lake Garda. In summer, the direct bus line 482 connects the airport to the lakefront town, thus making it so very easy to be on the lake right after you touch down. During the low season, you will need to first take the AirLink shuttle bus from the airport to Verona Porta Nuova train station. Once there, you can take a bus directly to Lake Garda. Bus lines 162, 163, and 164 connect the City of Romeo and Juliet to Lazise.

There are several other airports within easy reach of Lazise and Lake Garda. For example, check to see if flights touching down at Bergamo Airport, Venice Airport, and Bologna Airport are more convenient for you in terms of times and prices. While travelling from these three airports to Lazise takes a little longer, you never know what savings you could make on plane tickets by flying into an airport that is still quite close to Lake Garda.

Have a look at these two blog posts to learn more:

By Car

An enoteca next to the medieval gate in the historic centre of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Autostrada A4 (also known as Serenissima) and Autostrada 22 (also known as del Brennero) are two of Italy’s modern toll motorways. The former runs horizontally across Northern Italy and it connects Trieste and Venice to Milan and Turin. The latter runs vertically through Northern Italy. It connects Modena to Verona and then continues up north to Trento and the Brenner Pass.

Both motorways pass very close to Lazise thus making this lakefront town easy to reach from anywhere in Northern Italy. Travelling to Lazise on Autostrada 4, take the exit at Peschiera del Garda. Travelling to Lazise on Autostrada 22, take the exit at Affi.

If you want to travel by car to Lazise from one of the towns on Lago di Garda, then ordinarily, you will use the Strada Gardesana – this is the long road that circumnavigates the whole lake. The Gardesana Occidentale branch of the road connects the towns on the southwestern, western, and northern shores. The Gardesana Orientale branch links the towns on the southeastern, eastern, and northern shores.

Bear in mind that Autostrada A4, Autostrada A22, and the Strada Gardesana are among the busiest roads in Italy. Even more so during the high season and the rush hour. Make sure that you always have your GPS app on to help you avoid (as much as possible) getting stuck in traffic.

The historic centre of Lazise is a limited traffic area or zona a traffico limitato in Italian. If you see a sign ZTL, don’t drive beyond it unless you have a special dispensation or a temporary pass (for example, from your hotel). Fines are very steep.

Streets in the historic centre of Lazise tend to be narrow, often cobbled or partially cobbled, and very busy during the high season. If you are visiting for the day, it’s best to leave your car at the large car park in the shadows of the medieval defensive walls circling the historic centre. Alternatively, ask your accommodation where is the best place to park overnight if it doesn’t provide free parking facilities. 

By Bus

Houses in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

A well-developed network of local buses connects Lazise to the other towns on Lake Garda and to nearby Verona.

Bus lines 162, 163, and 164 will take you from Verona to Lazise and will then continue to the towns of Bardolino and Garda.

Bus line 483 (operational during the high season) connects Lazise to Peschiera del Garda to the west and to Bardolino, Garda, and Malcesine up the lake’s eastern shore.

In summer, bus line 482 connects Lazise directly to Verona Airport.

By Train

View of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise doesn’t have its own train station.

In fact, there are only two railway stations directly on the shores of Lake Garda. One is in the town of Peschiera del Garda and the other is in the town of Desenzano del Garda.

You can get either a high-speed train or a fast regional train and quickly get to these two train stations from anywhere in Italy. This is especially convenient for a day trip by train to Lake Garda from either Verona, BresciaMilanVicenzaPaduaVenice or even Bologna.

To check train times and book train tickets in advance, I find the following three websites very useful: OmioItaloTreno, and TrenItalia.

From Peschiera del Garda, take a bus to Lazise (see the heading right above). From Desenzano del Garda you can get a ferry to Lazise (see the heading right below).

By Ferry

Waterside view of the Scaliger Castle in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise is well connected by ferry to several of the other towns on Lake Garda. You can reach it from Sirmione in about 20 mins and from either Peschiera del Garda or Garda Town in about 30 mins. Travel time from Desenzano del Garda to Lazise by ferry varies between 40 mins and one hour depending on the time of day and the type of ferry.

Travel times depend strictly on the day and the season. Click to consult the official Lake Garda Navigation website for specific timetables.

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Lazise in Italy?

The historic harbour and the Church of San Nicolo in the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lake Garda has a lovely Mediterranean-style microclimate. Winters are rarely freezing. In summer, a nice refreshing breeze brings a welcome respite even on a scorcher of a day.

When to visit Lazise and Lake Garda in Italy depends entirely on what you want to do and see here. If it is beautiful views, great walks, amazing food, and picturesque corners, feel free to come at any time of the year. The lake is gorgeous in any season. There are many events that take place on its shores all throughout the year. From Christmas events in winter to town-wide celebrations in summer, there is always something to do and see here.

Late autumn, winter, and early spring are mostly crowd-free and offer many different types of local entertainment like Christmas and craft markets, as well as food and wine festivals.

When the weather gets warm, visitors start flocking to Lake Garda. In July and August, the streets are densely packed, the theme parks are abuzz with people, and taking a dip in the clear lake waters to cool off is a pleasure like no other.

In July and August, temperatures in Lazise reach on average 28 degrees Celsius but often can go much higher. The shoulder season is especially pleasant here. April and May and then September and October bring temperatures between 17 and 22 degrees Celsius. However, there is also a slightly bigger chance of rain.

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Where to Stay in Lazise, Italy?

Beautiful houses along the promenade of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

You can find all sorts and types of accommodation in and around Lazise to suit any budget. From five-star hotels to value camping sites, there is something for everyone. 

For ideas about the types of accommodation available at Lake Garda in particular and Italy in general, have a look at this blog post:

No matter where you choose to stay, make sure that you book well in advance. The lake and the lakefront towns are very popular tourist destinations. Prices can rise steeply depending on the season and how little time there is between now and your visit.

I usually prefer to book all my accommodation through Click to see all available options for places to stay in and around Lazise, Italy. The following hotels are very conveniently located for the town’s centre and the nearby theme parks:

Budget: Hotel Smeraldo, IdeaLazise Camping & Village, Villa Camporosso

Mid-Range: Oreste Suite, Porto Vecchio Appartamenti, B&B Villa Peler, Hotel Villa Cansignorio, San Martino

Luxury: Quellenhof Luxury Resort Lazise, The Mansion of Countess Rizzardi on Garda Lake – Royal Solution, Hotel Corte Valier

If you need some visual help in terms of precise location and price range, have a look at this map. It gives you a quick idea of the prices and whereabouts of the many hotels and other forms of accommodation you can book for your stay in Lazise on Lake Garda, Italy.

You can zoom in and out in order to search for a place to stay. You can also click on the option that interests you to find out more details or to make a booking directly.

What to Pack for a Visit to Lazise in Italy?

A long portico with shops in the historic centre of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

With four well-defined seasons, Lake Garda is a holiday destination that’s easy to pack for.

In summer, bring sun cream, a hat and/or sunglasses, and a swimming costume. In winter, layer up. This way you will be cosy on one of the rare truly chilly days and will be able to peel off a layer or two when the sun shines bright. In spring and autumn make sure that you have a light waterproof jacket on you as downpours do happen on some days.

If you are planning to enjoy some panoramic walks or do some more strenuous hiking, bring proper hiking shoes with a good grip. Supporting your ankles on the pebbly paths in the nearby hills is a must at all times.

The same applies to walking on cobbles which is the type of surface typical for many of the historic centres of the towns around Lake Garda. So, flip-flops or super-high heels are not ideal. Opt for shoes that keep you steady and don’t allow your foot to slide inside them. Beach shoes will come in very handy when you go swimming in the lake as most of the beaches here are pebbly.

Follow the Italian dress code in so that beach attire is not welcome when visiting museums and churches. Knees and shoulders need to be kept covered.

What Are Some Other Must-See Towns on Lake Garda in Italy?

The medieval Scaliger Castle seen from the board of a ferry nearing Sirmione - Lake Garda, Italy -

There are many towns around Lake Garda that deserve a visit on account of their picturesque beauty and numerous local sights. Personally, I love Malcesine and am partial to Torri del Benaco, Garda Town, and Riva del Garda. Torbole is lovely, Desenzano del Garda is so very pretty and convenient to get to, and Sirmione is stunning but it gets so incredibly busy in summer.

This blog post will give you lots of first-hand tried and tested information about the best towns to visit around Lake Garda:

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Desenzano del Garda, Malcesine, Riva del Garda, Torri del Benaco, Borghetto and Valeggio sul Mincio

Where to Find More Information About Italy’s Lake Garda?

Lakeside view of Castelletto sul Garda - Veneto, Italy -

Lago di Garda is Italy’s largest lake. With shores dotted with beautiful towns and offering a long list of must-see sights and exciting activities, this is a popular destination in the north of the country.

I have written extensively about Lake Garda and all the wonderful things you can do around it at any time of the year. Click on the Lake Garda category in my blog for the full list of useful blog posts covering travel to the lake and the best destinations around it.

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Where to Find More Information About Visiting Italy?

Jamaica Beach with Grotte di Catullo at the end of the Sirmio Promontory - Spiaggia Giamaica, Lake Garda, Italy -

I have been blogging about travelling to and within Italy for eight years now providing detailed and first-hand tried and tested information about the best things to do in this beautiful country. It’s all based on my close to twenty years of visiting Italy solo and with my family. Six of these years, we actually spent living in Vicenza in the north of the country.

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Finally, Italy’s official tourism website is a great source for the latest news about travel in Italy. Otherwise, this is one of the best guidebooks about Italy.

In Conclusion

Boats in the old harbour in the historic centre of the town of Lazise - Lake Garda, Italy -

Lazise is one of the most popular towns on the largest Italian lake – Lago di Garda. It’s also one of the top 15 most visited destinations in Italy!

The town is small in size and has a cute-as-a-button historic centre surrounded by thick medieval walls. A visit to it offers you the perfect mix of narrow cobbled streets, sprawling lake views, and an inimitable Italian atmosphere. Even better! Italy’s best theme parks are right next door.

Easy to reach from a number of large Northern Italian cities like Verona, Venice, and Milan, Lazise is a great place to explore on a day trip, an exciting weekend break, or a long holiday.

So, in this blog post today, I shared with you the best things to do in and around this charming town on Italy’s Lake Garda. From historic sights to panoramic walks, from delicious food and wines to quirky points of interest, everything is covered to provide you with lots of ideas for your Lazise explorations.

Handy maps and first-hand tried and tested travel tips are also included to help you plan your trip in the best possible way.

I hope that all this information will galvanise you to head to Lake Garda as soon as an opportunity presents itself!

Have a wonderful time in Lazise – a must-see lakefront town in Italy!

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