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Italy Gift Guide – The Best Gifts for Italy Lovers That They Will Actually Want

This is my Italy gift guide and here are the best gifts for Italy lovers.

Each one of these Italian-themed gifts is very covetable, practical, and brings a little piece of Italy on a daily basis to the person who loves Italy and the Italian way of life.

Conceived by Italian designers and artisans, I handpicked each one of these best gifts for Italy lovers. They are high quality and cover a wide range of interests – from Italian jewellery and food to Italian cosmetics and home decor. There are Italian-themed gifts for ladies, gentlemen, and children, too. The best bit is that, as a whole, these best Italian gifts don’t cost the earth! So, you can make very special every major holiday and personal celebration throughout the year for the Italy lover in your life. Even better if this is you!

Italy is famous all over the world for its art, history, fashion, stunning views, centuries-old crafts, and skilled artisans. And for its impeccable style! Millions of people visit Italy every year to enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer, including its wonderful shopping.

So, in this Italy gift guide today, I have curated the best made in Italy and inspired by Italy products and gifts. They are handmade by Italian artisans and produced by either Italian or international companies and professionals with a profound love for Italy. Some of them are delivered directly from Italy and some are shipped from the USA or the UK for added convenience.

I hope that this ultimate Italy gift guide will inspire you time and time again when you need to pick that special something for a dear person in your life who adores Italy and the Italian design, traditions, and craftsmanship.

Have a look!

Italy Gift Guide – The Best Gifts for Italy Lovers That They Will Actually Want

Italy Gift Guide - The Best Gifts for Italy Lovers -

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Italian Jewellery and Watches

Perfectly shaped, this is the Leaning Tower of Pisa to carry everywhere with you. The ideal charm to remind a lover of travel of their explorations of Italy and make them dream of future trips.

Made of sterling silver and gold-plated sterling silver by Rosato – a renowned Italian brand designing irresistible jewels.

Simply the cutest Vespa! The perfect symbol of Italy to wear on your wrist. It will make the eyes of any lover of Italy sparkle in delight. I know mine are!

Sterling silver and enamel, with gold-plated details. Made by Isola Bella – a brand designing jewels and watches inspired by the heritage of Sicily.

This very stylish bracelet is great for the lover of all things sea and Italy. The compass on the enamelled central piece is particularly striking. A great design in stainless steel to use every day and attract admiring glances.

Made by Brosway – an established Italian brand designing timeless jewellery for men and women.

This incredibly original ring recreates the most iconic buildings of the city of Florence in Italy. What a wonderful present for someone dear to you who loves Florence and Italy with all their heart!

The ring is made to measure either from bronze (pictured) or sterling silver by Gabbo Design – a very creative Italian jeweller with more than 50 years of experience. If you fancy wearing an Italian city around your finger, then also check their Vicenza, Milan, and Naples rings. The rings can also be inscribed with a name or a date. Gabbo Design also has a collection of rings to make any dog person jump in delight.

This very cute little pendant is handmade of Murano glass by artist glassmaker Alberto who works under the brand name Vitreus Venice.

It makes for a wonderful little gift to an Italy lover to wear every day and to feel close to Venice even when far away.

With its traditional Sicilian motifs, this bold watch is a real conversation starter. Its vibrant reds and yellows brighten up even the greyest of days. It’s the perfect accessory to make any outfit much more stylish.

I particularly like the rose gold plating on the watch case. It adds a lovely feminine touch.

Made by Camurria – a brand that makes the perfect watches for lovers of the Sicilian traditions.

Adorned with a trinacria – the symbol of Sicily – this watch in black and red truly makes a statement. It would appeal to a lover of all things Sicilian who likes unobtrusive yet elegant accessories.

Made by Isola Bella – a brand designing jewels and watches inspired by the heritage of Sicily.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Italian Design

Lo Spirito di Stella (in English, The Spirit of a Star) is a very elegant fountain pen by the luxury Italian pen brand Montegrappa. It is very much a forever gift to give to someone very special who loves Italy and has a deep appreciation for Italian design and Italian artisanal traditions.

Montegrappa is Italy’s first fountain pen factory. Located in the vicinity of the beautiful Italian town of Bassano del Grappa, the company has been making luxury pens since 1912.

Get a fully customised Italian-made shirt to fit the style and body of a very special Italy-lover in your life. You can choose from a wide variety of the finest fabrics, pick just the right colour, change the cuffs, the collar, and the fitting, select the type of buttons and stitching, and even order a coordinated handkerchief and replacement collar and cuffs. Then have the resulting perfect shirt monogrammed.

Made by Apposta – an Italian company of fourth-generation shirt experts that design and custom-make shirts in Italy for stylish men all over the world.

You can never have enough scarves and this one is gorgeous! It’s perfect for a special someone who loves Italy, its sparkling beaches, and colourful coastal villages. The marine pattern is populated by the cutest sea animals and the colours are full of life turning the scarf into a vibrant accent to any outfit. Generously sized, it can be wrapped around the body or draped around the neck and shoulders.

Designed by the Italian artist and fashion designer Sergio Daricello. Made by Isola Bella – a brand designing jewels and watches inspired by the heritage of Sicily.

The best way to be surrounded by Italy at all times is to sleep in it. This absolutely beautiful duvet cover set features a hand-drawn in Italy design that transports you to an Italian village with flowers in bloom adorning balconies, windowsills, and courtyards. This lavish design was painted by Italian artisans in the town of Como on the shores of Italy’s most famous lake – Lago di Como.

By Villa Cotton – a socially responsible award-winning company making designer bedding with hand-painted Italian designs.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Italian Cosmetics and Fragrances

This beautiful selection of handmade Italian soaps is great for stocking fillers or to give as one fragrant Italian gift. The six soaps are wrapped in elegant Florentine paper. Their scents are inspired by iconic cities in Italy like Rome, Florence, Portofino, Capri, and Venice. You will want to keep them all for yourself. Take it from me! Washing your hands has never brought you closer to Italy.

Produced by Nesti Dante – a Florence-based company that has been making soaps since 1947. All their products are natural, vegan-friendly, and with biodegradable packaging.

Get this lovely floral-fruity fragrance for the Venice lover in your life. The packaging and the scent make this eau du toilette look and feel so very posh yet the price is very budget-friendly. For a great array of stocking fillers by the same Italian cosmetics brand, click here.

Made by Rudy Profumi – a democratic beauty brand that was founded in Milan in 1920 and since then has been managed by the same family. Truly affordable, the brand’s products are 100% made in Italy.

For an impeccable Italian shave get the Vintage Gino Tin put together by Proraso – Italy’s most famous shaving products company. This collectable tin with advertising images from the 1950s features three full-size refreshing and toning products. A staple of Italian shaving culture, Proraso will make happy any Italy lover who puts an emphasis on personal care and grooming. (Alternatively, get him this subscription box which is the perfect year-long gift.)

Founded in Florence in 1908, Proraso has been setting standards in the shaving world for four generations. If you have had a shave at an Italian barber, most likely the products they used were Proraso.

This absolutely amazing eye serum is crafted in Italy and has a clean, natural and skin-friendly formulation. It works wonders around the eyes and has a powerful triple anti-ageing action. It will make a lover of both Italy and plant-based skincare very happy indeed. Plus, a little goes a long way!

Made by Prato Botanico – a luxury certified-organic skincare company using fresh, high-quality botanical ingredients that are harvested sustainably in southern Italy. Cruelty-free and vegan friendly, too.

Give the gift of the ultimate Italian bathtime! Pick this bundle for a luxurious experience with the scents and sensations of Italy. The four carefully selected bath products are made in Italy by four heritage Italian brands.

Delivered by Mozzafiato – the company that brings Italian craft beauty brands to the North American market.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Italian Food, Coffee, and Drinks

A hamper of Italian goodies is always well-received! Even by the most difficult to buy for gift recipient.

To make it even easier, here are two versions – one tailored to the vegan lifestyle and another for the omnivore in your life.

This is easily the best book in English about the food and the culinary traditions of the Northern Italian region of Veneto. It will make a lover of Italy’s diverse cuisine very happy indeed. I have found the recipes easy to follow and the products are not difficult to find in England.

The author Valeria Necchio is a Veneto-born food and travel writer. Another excellent cookbook to give to a loved one is this one. It’s an in-depth and heartfelt introduction to the least known and often misunderstood branch of Italian cooking – the real Venetian food.

A panettone is always a good idea. It is a perfect present no matter who you are buying for – a foodie, a colleague or simply the person that has it all.

This Italian fruit loaf was born in Milan and nowadays rules all over the world. Traditionally served for Christmas, it’s tasty any day of the year.

This one comes in a luxury tin bringing Italian Christmas to your table or the table of a loved one. Resisting is fruitless! Unlike panettone! Click here for an even larger selection of delicious Italian panettone and festive loaves.

Moka Express is a traditional Italian stovetop coffee maker. It was invented by Alfonso Bialetti who patented it in 1933. To this day it is the most popular way to easily make fragrant espresso-like coffee at home in Italy. Every Italian household has a Moka.

A Moka is a great gift to a lover of Italy and excellent coffee. It’s easy to use and it becomes an indispensable morning ritual. Mokas come in different sizes depending on the number of cups of coffee they make. They also come in different colours and limited editions. To the left, you can see a classic three-cup Moka and Rainbow one-cup Moka.

Made by Bialetti – the company started by Alfonso. The original Moka Express is the best and can be easily recognised by its mascot – a caricature of a moustached man with his arm lifted up and a finger pointing up as if asking for yet another cup of coffee.

The perfect choice for the Italy lover in your life who also loves cooking Italian food and making their own pasta. This wooden dryer is great for drying short pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, mushrooms, tomatoes, herbs, and spices.

Supplied by TagliaPasta – an Italian company that delivers worldwide and specialises in just the right tools and utensils for pasta making and Italian cooking.

This handy tool is great for the person who loves making their own filled pasta shapes. The syringe measures the perfect dose of filling for homemade tortellini, ravioli, tortelloni, and different types of pastry. One squirt and you move to the next pasta shape. No mess and clean hands all the way through.

Supplied by TagliaPasta – an Italian company that delivers worldwide and specialises in just the right tools and utensils for pasta making and Italian cooking.

Grappa is one of Italy’s most iconic alcoholic drinks. Traditionally, produced in the Northern Italian region of Veneto, it is much appreciated in Italy. Usually, grappa is taken either as a digestif, especially after a heavy meal, or a shot of grappa is added to an espresso to create the so-called caffè corretto.

This barrel-aged grappa has an intense amber colour and notes of honey, vanilla, cocoa, and spices.

Grappa is a very strong drink with an alcoholic content that can vary from 35% to 60%. Please, consume responsibly.

Italian chocolate is truly outstanding and a selection of exquisite Italian chocolate and hazelnut spreads can easily make the heart of any Italy lover sing with delight.

This beautifully packaged gift box contains three jars with organic and vegan chocolate and hazelnut spreads. Sold by Seggiano – my favourite Italian deli in England.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Italian Home Decor

These are the most stunning drawings recreating in painstaking detail the buildings designed by the worldwide famous Italian architects Andrea Palladio and Vincenzo Scamozzi. The drawings are by the artist and illustrator Giovanni Giaconi who works under the brand name Pallade.

His work is so very beautiful and it really brings in sharp detail the outstanding architecture of Palladio and Scamozzi. Giaconi’s prints, watercolours, and posters are a must-have for any lover of Italian architecture. Personally, I adore the posters of Basilica Palladiana, Palazzo Chiericati, and Teatro Olimpico.

Discover the whimsical and wonderful world of Murano glassmaker Umberto Ragazzi. Working under the brand name MiniMicroMuranoGlass, he creates miniature works of glass art.

Glass fish, animals, dancers, and even miniature Nativity scenes make for a lovely gift to someone who would like to have a piece of Italy in their home.

This old map of Italy is a great addition to a home where everyone loves Italian history and geography. It represents the Boot as it was back in 1627. You can have it in different sizes and framed or unframed.

Delivered by the OldmapsShop. Check out their old map of Rome, too. It’s stunning!

The Italian Home: Four Seasons is a truly extraordinary gift for anyone who loves Italy. It includes four seasonal boxes delivered throughout the year. Each box includes a refined selection of Italian products designed to freshen and enhance any home. Suitable for all genders and ages, this is an Italian gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Delivered by Mozzafiato – the company that brings Italian craft beauty brands to the North American market.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Lovers of Books About Italy

Abandoned Italy is a stunning coffee-table book that takes you on an exploration of Italy’s abandoned historic building. Spectacular photographs and heartfelt text introduce lovers of Italy to the lost splendour of once-thriving buildings in the Italian cities and countryside.

This exceptional photographic report is the work of Belgium-based photographer and explorer Robin Brinaert who spent eight years travelling around Italy in search of its abandoned treasures.

The Italians – the book by the British journalist and longtime resident of Italy John Hooper – for me remains the best modern-day portrait of the Italian nation.

If you have ever wondered why the Italians are the way they are, this book has many of the answers. An indispensable reading, especially, if you are looking for a gift for someone close to you who is planning a move to or a longer stay in Italy.

Art in Renaissance Italy by the scholar and professor Evelyn Welch for me is the best modern-day book about the Italian Renaissance. Unlike many other books that focus simply on the aesthetics of the Renaissance output in Italy, this one delves deep into the factors that informed and inspired it, the interpersonal relationships between patrons and artists, the role of religion in terms of art creation, and the power struggles in Rome and the Republics that also needed art and artists to create and solidify their authority.

It is a great gift for someone who loves Italy in general and the Italian Renaissance in particular. It doesn’t make for an easy or a quick reading but once they have made their way through this formidable book they will have a much deeper and much more encompassing understanding of the Renaissance – a truly remarkable period in the history of Italy and Europe.

Venice: A New History by Thomas F. Madden is my favourite historic book about Venice that I have read this year. It’s an incredibly detailed book that reveals to you the long and complicated history of the world’s most beautiful city (and once a powerful Republic) in a very engaging and easy to absorb way.

This is the book to give to someone who is obsessed with Venice and wants to deepen their understanding of it. It is also the book to give to someone who loves reading well-informed historic writing in order to expand their horizons.

Venice Deserted by Luc and Danielle Carton is a remarkable photographic study of Venice during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring 2020. If you have ever tried to imagine what one of the world’s most visited cities would look like without the people that besiege it, this book shows you the answer.

It’s both spectacularly beautiful and eerie! This is a remarkable coffee-table book that elicits strong emotions on so many levels.

Best Italian-Themed Gifts for Kids Who Love Italy

This is a great series of guidebooks for kids. Pimpa is the red-spotted dog from a famous Italian comic strip.

The guidebooks are very well-written and are a great introduction for little travellers to Italy’s main cities. They are published both in English and Italian. Throughout the years I have bought several of them for my child and they have been very useful during our explorations of Italy.

Here is what you can get online at present:

These are cute travel diaries to give to a child at the start of a trip to Italy. They can then log their impressions, favourite memories, and curious tidbits thus creating a keepsake to remind them of their wonderful Italian adventure.

The diaries also make great Christmas stocking fillers but only if you know for certain that a trip to Italy is forthcoming during the new year.

This is a large-size colourful round puzzle that introduces kids to Italy. It comes together with a small booklet with 32 pages filled with curious details about Italy’s geography, traditions, and food.

The puzzle was developed and illustrated by Matteo Gaule – a renowned illustrator and art teacher from the Northern Italian region of Veneto.

You can get the puzzle in either English or Italian.

This is a great game kit with six fun activities to help children learn to read in Italian and understand words and texts. It’s made in Italy by Clementoni Sapientino – a range of didactic kits and toys.

With 50 years of history, Clementoni Sapientino design and make some truly innovative and useful kits. It was our favourite brand to buy from both for our child and for presents when we were invited to kids’ birthday parties during our six years in Italy.

In Conclusion

A jewellery window in the Basilica Palladiana - Vicenza, Italy -

Shopping for a person who loves Italy – a friend, a colleague or a partner – is a fun and enjoyable task. Italy is famous all over the world for its impeccable style, excellent design, and honed over the centuries artisan traditions. Thousands of Italian craftsmen and innovative companies make some of the most coveted products to buy and enjoy.

To help you in your shopping task, in this blog post, I shared with you my ultimate Italy gift guide. From Italian jewellery and Italian food to Italian crafts and Italian cosmetics, there are many handpicked and high-quality Italian products here to inspire you to buy the best present for the Italy lover in your life.

We all want to be the person that gives the best gifts – the most useful, well-designed, and cherished ones. This Italy gift guide helps you be it!

Enjoy shopping for the loveliest Italian gifts!

And rejoice giving them to the Italy lover you love!

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Pin Me - Italy Gift Guide - The Best Gifts for Italy Lovers -
Pin Me - Italy Gift Guide - The Best Gifts for Italy Lovers That They Will Actually Want -

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