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These are the best travel resources that I use when planning my travels.

Each has been tested dozens if not hundreds of times on the road. 

They work great to plan your trip ahead of time, book plane and train tickets, help you pick accommodation, streamline your sightseeing, and save you money on activities and travel as a whole.

The best bit is that their websites are very easy to use. Most of them, like Omio and Tourscanner, collate a lot of information from many different providers. This way, I can compare prices, times, and packages on the same screen without the need to open many different tabs in my browser and constantly switch between them to see who is offering what. 

I hope that you find these travel brands and products as useful as I do.

Give them a try and let me know what you think!



Best Travel Resources and Sites to Book Trips -


Best Travel Resources and Sites to Book Your Next Trip



Book Plane, Train, and Bus Travel



Omio is my favourite company to search for and book tickets for planes, trains, buses, and even ferries. They cover public transport and plane travel in Europe, UK, USA, and Canada. I can check prices and travelling times at a glance. Omio’s search engine pulls up a page with results from several different travel brands and transit companies. This way, I can see immediately who offers the cheapest prices and the shortest times and I can book my tickets on the spot. It saves me a lot of hassle and switching between the sites of different travel companies. It really makes travel planning so much quicker and easier.



Book Accommodation is the best to find accommodation when planning a trip. I have been using it for years now. I like that it shows me a great selection of hotels and other forms of accommodation to fit my specific travel needs. I may be looking for a B&B, a guesthouse, a villa or a resort, it’s all there! I love that I can order the results based on many different filters. ‘Distance from city centre’ and ‘Price (lowest first)’ are my favourite filters. I particularly appreciate the reviews left by fellow travellers as they give me a good idea of what exactly to expect. What’s your most favourite thing about Let me know!




Stay22 is a new way to book accommodation anywhere in the world. I started using it this year and I am impressed. It shows me all available options and their prices in the location I am interested in. I just need to fill in an address or the name of the city or town in the search bar at the top and the map gets populated with dozens of different hotels, B&B’s, hostels, and houses. I can then move the map in any direction, zoom in and out, click on a listing that interests me, and make a booking directly. I like how visual it is and how it gives me an immediate idea of location and pricing. It’s a great app to use! The best bit is that it shows you not just accommodation but also activities and tours in the surrounding area! See what I mean by clicking on ‘Accommodation’ in the top right corner of the map and then select ‘Experiences’ from the dropdown menu. 




Rent a Car



Having a car at your disposal when you travel is such a great way to be able to see more and do more. I love the flexibility of visiting destinations that are off the beaten track and not depending on public transport to get places. This is why before each trip, I check prices for car rentals and Europcar is my favourite company to rent from. What’s yours?



Book Tours and Experiences



Tourscanner is my favourite search engine for tours and travel activities. Here you can find the best offerings by the most well-established tour companies. I just click on the link and type in my destination in the search box on the home page. Next, a page with a long list with results by many different tour operators loads and I just need to make my choice. It’s very easy and it gives me a great visual idea of prices and offerings. This way I can compare tours and activities provided by different operators without having to open many different websites. It’s super easy and it helps me get tickets for sought-after exhibitions as well as book some truly exciting local experiences.



Buy Travel Books



Travel books and guidebooks are a great source of inspiration for new travel experiences and destinations. They also come in very handy when travel planning. With its quick deliveries and enormous catalogue, Amazon makes it very easy for me to buy new titles either in printed format or for my Kindle phone app. This way, I always have at least three books on the go and new books are arriving weekly. Do you love reading books? Which travel book is your favourite?



In Conclusion

Getting ready for a trip is easy with the right resources.

In this blog post, I shared with you my favourite travel brands, companies, and products. They help me buy tickets, book accommodation and pick great experiences when I am travelling.

Above all, they make it easy for me to always keep an eye on prices and find travel inspiration for my next destination.

I hope that you will find these travel resources as useful as I do.

Enjoy booking your next trip!



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Pin Me - Best Travel Resources to Book Trips -
Pin Me - Best Travel Resources and Sites to Book Trips -


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