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6 Hidden Corners Around Vicenza, Italy to Quickly Get in Touch with Nature When You Need It

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Living close to nature and being able to relax in its surroundings on a daily basis is a dream for many people.

There is nothing like going for a nice walk surrounded by lush pastures and forests and letting the fresh air caress your face and fill your lungs. You feel recharged and happy, ready to face the world again.

A view from the levee of Lake Camazzole - Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy -

While most cities surround us with concrete jungles and keep us captive with the trappings of modern life, Vicenza in Northern Italy gives its visitors and inhabitants the chance to quickly escape to nature without spending hours planning itineraries or being stuck in traffic.

Less than half an hour away from Vicenza, there are places of natural beauty that you can go to as and when you need it. To recharge your batteries, to relax with friends and family, to walk around making small discoveries of blooming flowers, blue waters, and birds singing.

It’s such a luxury! Yet, so easy to enjoy even on a working day.

Let me show you how!

A fiery sunset over lake Camazzole - Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy -

Here are six hidden corners around Vicenza where you can quickly get in touch with nature as and when you need it. Travel times start from 7 mins by car! So, there is nothing stopping you to head to one of these six places even after a day of work.

Almost all of them are free of charge to visit and almost all of them are accessible year-round. To walk the dogs, to give the kids an opportunity to run and play, to clear your head while chatting away with dear friends…  All these six places are the perfect destination!

So, get some water and some snacks (if you want to have a little picnic) and head out there. Nature in Vicenza is closer than you think. Enjoy what it has to offer.



6 Hidden Corners Around Vicenza, Italy to Quickly Get in Touch with Nature When You Need It



Oasi della Valletta del Silenzio – 7 mins away

The Valletta del Silenzio with the Sanctuary of Monte Berico - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -

An expansive green space just outside Vicenza’s historic centre, the Valletta del Silenzio is an oasis of calm. You will find it next door to the world-renowned Villa Capra la Rotonda by the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. Yet, while the tourist crowds head to the villa to admire its symmetrical lines and four identical facades, in the adjacent Valletta del Silenzio people relax, sun themselves or have lovely family picnics.

There are some short nature paths there to explore and some wet areas, too.

If you are willing to exercise a bit more, then you can walk from Valletta del Silenzio all the way up to the large park of Villa Guiccioli (which houses Vicenza’s Museo del Risorgimento). Once there, you can follow the road to the Church of St. Mary of Monte Berico and admire lovely panoramic views of Vicenza from the adjacent Piazzale della Vittoria.

Continue your circular hike by walking down the hill and following the path to Villa Valmarana ai Nani. From there, you can easily return to your starting point – the oasis of the Valletta del Silenzio.

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 7 mins by car or around 33 mins on foot

See Oasi della Valletta del Silenzio on Google Maps

Official website: Oasi della Valletta del Silenzio



WWF Oasi Stagni di Casale – 9 mins away

Wooden walkway surrounded by tall vegetation - Oasi Stagni di Casale, Vicenza, Italy -

This large nature and wildlife area is literally on Vicenza’s doorstep and between the city’s two main shopping centres. WWF Oasi Stagni di Casale is 22 hectares in size and it’s populated by many different types of birds, amphibians, and reptiles. 

Head there to listen to birds and frogs sing and to spot herons, turtles, and newts among many other living creatures. 

The oasis was formerly a clay quarry. When the extraction of clay was discontinued, the area was reclaimed by nature and several large ponds brimmed by lush vegetation were formed. Boardwalk bridges were then suspended along the ponds, thus giving you a chance to get really close to nature and watch the local wildlife through the tall reeds. 

In the middle of the oasis, there is a small visitors’ centre where you can learn more about the activities of the ornithologists and biologists who work with the oasis. Spread around are also several birdwatching huts and spots giving you a chance to observe the birds in their natural habitat. Bring binoculars or a telephoto lens!

There is a small forest to go for a walk. Plus, a picnic spot to sit down and feel immersed in nature while tucking into a nice snack.

However, don’t forget to bring some mosquito spray. In late spring and summer, mosquitoes there can be numerous and vicious.

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 9 mins by car. Alternatively, you can take bus number 19 from Vicenza’s train station which will bring you close to the oasis.  

See Oasi Stagni di Casale on Google Maps

Official website: WWF Oasi Stagni di Casale

Important note: Visitors need to pay an entrance fee. In addition, the oasis is closed during the winter period.

More Information: 



Risorgive di Maddalene (also known as Sorgenti della Roggia Seriola) – 15 mins away

The Risorgive di Maddalene or the Springs of the Seriola Canal - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -

Just around the corner from a centuries-old church in Vicenza’s suburb of Maddalene, there is a tiny little place that seems to be plucked out of a fairytale.

Among a bunch of trees, a small pond glints in the sun rays. Come closer and you will soon see that the pond is in fact fed by the water that constantly gushes out of underwater springs. A small canal called Seriola flows out of the pond. A small bridge over the canal gives you a great view of the springs and the water that comes out.

From this point onwards, you can go for a nice walk following the straight path that is bordered by fields on both sides. Further down the path, there is also a small wooded area.

The suburb of Maddalene (called Quartiere di Maddalene in Italian) is a peaceful place. In winter, people organise an exhibition of Nativity Scenes. They place intricately made Nativities in their front yards, in the local churches and on the shores of the Maddalene springs. So, you can walk around following the itinerary and admiring the artistic flair and religious fervour of the local families.

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 15 mins by car

See the Risorgive di Maddalene on Google Maps



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Lake Fimon – 25 mins away

The boardwalk - Lake Fimon, Arcugnano, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -

Fimon is a pretty lake surrounded on all sides by the lush Berici Hills. It is a great place to head to when you need to spend some time in the bosom of nature but you don’t feel like driving for hours on end.

Visiting lake Fimon gives you a chance both to relax and be active. You can take a picnic and then enjoy some peace and quiet on the lakeshore. Alternatively, you can stroll or cycle all around lake Fimon. A nice pebbly path about 4 km long follows the circumference of the lake.

You can get really close to the water and watch the resident swans regally gliding around. In addition, the following birds nest in the area: coots, bitterns, moorhens, great reed warblers, buzzards, and grey herons.

Lake Fimon is covered with a dense web of white and yellow water lilies. It’s very beautiful when they are in bloom. The most photogenic spot to observe them is a large boardwalk bridge which offers you great panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding hills. 

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 25 mins by car

See Lake Fimon on Google Maps  

More Information: 



Lake Camazzole – 25 mins away

Night is falling over Lake Camazzole - Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy -

Camazzole is a small lake and a lovely destination for a pleasant walk in the vicinity of Vicenza. With its striking blue waters, lake Camazzole attracts people and their dogs in all seasons. 

A wide raised path follows the lake and opens beautiful views across the nearby mountains. It is very peaceful and relaxing being there. If you are lucky, you can spot horses from the nearby farm going for walks with their handlers. Otherwise, there is an abundance of dogs and their owners only too happily let you pet their charge or kindly warn you if the doggie is not up for any attention by strangers.

The path along lake Camazzole is part of a cycling and hiking route following the river Brenta. So, you will see plenty of cyclists there, too. 

In summer, people from Vicenza, Padua, Cittadella, and other nearby towns flock to Lake Camazzole to picnic on its shores and sun themselves.

The lake is also a haven for many birds. In the evenings, there are large groups of birds circling above the lake or getting ready to spend the night on its waters.

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 25 mins by car

See Lake Camazzole on Google Maps

Unofficial Facebook Page: Laghetto di Camazzole

More Information: 



Rubano Ethnographic Park – 30 mins away

Casone - Parco Etnografico di Rubano, - Province of Padua, Veneto -

This is a lovely place at the foot of the volcanic Euganean Hills. Rubano Ethnographic Park really has it all. It consists of a large wooded park, a lake that spreads over 10 hectares, a fruit and vegetable garden, and a large restaurant with a coffee bar attached to it.

Plus, there you can visit a traditional casone – a large house with a straw roof that was the typical accommodation for the Veneto’s rural families for many centuries.

The casone functions as an ethnographic museum and you can visit it to learn more about how the local people used to live. From the kitchen to the bedroom and the cellar, Rubano’s casone is outfitted with everything that a rural family would use on a daily basis.

Next to the casone, you will find a small enclosure with goats and other domestic animals. In the fruit and vegetable garden, you can see the seasonal produce growing. And then, you can go for a nice walk through the wooded park and all around the lake to burn off some energy and commune with nature.

For kids, there is a large playground with many different pieces of equipment, including a small zipline.

Travel time from Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza: around 30 mins by car

See Rubano Ethnographic Park on Google Maps

Official website: Parco Etnografico di Rubano

More Information: 



Safety Tips

View of Lake Camazzole - Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy -

Even though Vicenza as a whole feels like a safe place, please, exercise caution when visiting close to nature places in and around the city. To make your visit even more pleasant, here are some common-sense safety tips to keep in mind when you are heading out for a quick nature walk or picnic.

  • Ideally, take a friend or two with you, especially, if this is your first visit.
  • Bring water and snacks. While at the Ethnographic Park Rubano there is a nice coffee bar and a restaurant with great food, the other places suggested above either don’t have permanent catering facilities or offer such only seasonally or at some distance from the actual nature spots.
  • Wear suitable hiking shoes with a good grip. The terrain can be muddy, slippery, uneven and/or pebbly.
  • Don’t leave any valuables in your car and park at official car parks only even if they may be paid-for.
  • All of the above places are relatively close to houses and businesses and are popular with local hikers, cyclists, and families. Yet, it is not guaranteed that there will always be people there at the time of your visit. 
  • Listen to your sixth sense. If you have a gut feeling that something is not quite right, it’s best to leave then and there.
  • At some of the above places, there are no lights or lighting is scarce. After sunset, it gets very dark very quick. Please, make sure to leave while the sun is still shining.
  • You may come across local wildlife – from birds and amphibians to reptiles. Don’t disturb them in any way.
  • Please, respect the no swimming restrictions that may be in place for some or all of the above bodies of water.
  • For more in-depth safety tips (especially if you are hiking solo), please, have a look at my blog post: Solo Travel – 43 No-Nonsense Safety Tips for Peace of Mind When You Travel Alone.



In Conclusion

View of the mountains from the Quartiere di Maddalene - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -

Getting close to nature is a great recipe to burn some energy, feel relaxed and recharge your batteries.

Living in Vicenza, it’s easy to get to spots and places of natural beauty even on a workday. The above blog post gives you information and directions to six hidden corners around Vicenza, Italy where you can find beautiful lakes, lush forests, green hills, and easy paths to navigate for a short or long walk with family and friends.

I hope that the above information will come in useful to help you enjoy even more living in Vicenza!



Which of the above six hidden corners around Vicenza, Italy have you visited yourself? 

Which other nature spots or sights within an easy reach from Vicenza can you recommend yourself?

Do you like escaping to nature from the city in order to relax and recharge your batteries?

Let me know! Thank you!



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