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Hello! I am Rossi.

I live in Vicenza, Northern Italy and I am originally from Varna on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. Prior to moving to Italy I also spent 14 years in England, so at present my mind is a mish-mash of trilateral cultural expectations and norms which I am only too happy to break.

I used to be a journalist, a translator (English, Spanish and Portuguese into Bulgarian), an editor and currently I am a stay-at-home mum. So, I write and take photographs to show you the beauty of this world and also to let you know what exactly makes me pleased and/or cross with it.

My blog Rossi Writes was started in November 2014 and currently has over 350 articles on several topics: from what to do and how to settle in Vicenza, in particular, and Italy, in general, to travel diaries and personal thoughts on a variety of themes – expat life, food, travelling with a baby/toddler, dealing with life as it is to name but a few.

Feel free to get in touch here or, if you want to work with me, please, scroll further down for some stats and other details.

I try to update my Facebook page and my blog almost every day, so read on and let me know what you think.

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Giro della Rua, Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, Italy -

Work With Me


Rossi Writes is a storytelling travel and lifestyle blog in English with the focus on sharing personal experiences and viewpoints on living and travelling in Italy, England and Bulgaria (plus European travel).

A new article is posted on average every three days with a lot of care taken to provide well-researched and evocative copy combined with inspiring photography. The blog’s readership is mainly Italy-, US- and UK-based and comprises generally English-speaking people either already living in Italy or planning to move to or travel around the country and Europe.

I am always happy to explore blogging opportunities related to cultural travel, travelling with kids and one-of-a-kind experiences in either Italy, UK, Bulgaria or across the world. So, I am looking to connect with:

  • brands with a story to tell;
  • artisans and craftspeople;
  • small/independent producers;
  • interesting people; and
  • other bloggers.

For example, currently I would love to hear from:

  • artisan gelato makers;
  • jewellery-makers;
  • artisan food companies;
  • museums and cultural organisations;
  • antique shops/dealers;
  • and anyone who has a passion, a hobby and/or a story to share with the world.

So, please, get in touch here.


I have experience collaborating with travel and tourist organisations and operators and my writing style is objective, original and engaging.

Here is a sample list:

  1. A series of four blog posts following a collaboration with Turismo Torino – the Tourist Office of the city of Turin in Italy: Taking in TurinExploring Turin: Palazzo MadamaExploring Turin with a toddlerMy Turin highlights
  2. Blog post following a collaboration with DFDS Seaways – one of the largest ferry operators in the world: Crossing the Channel
  3. A series of blog posts following a collaboration with Taste of Christmas event held in Verona, Italy: Food, opera and Verona – a perfect weekendTaste of Christmas: My personal picks of the crop of Italian Artisan Food Producers
  4. A blog post about the first Jewellery Museum in Italy: Plastic and Gold: Jewellery’s Many Faces
  5. A blog post (feature) about a Bulgarian jewellery designer based in Los Angeles, USA: The world of Antoaneta
  6. A blog post following a collaboration with CosmoFood Fair – one of the biggest food exhibitions in Italy: The cream of Italian food

If you want your brand, organisation, artisan business or event to be presented in an evocative and engaging way and illustrated with several inspiring photographs, please, get in touch here.


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