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A Caterpillar Fairground Ride in the Sea Garden, Varna, Bulgaria

A caterpillar fairground ride - Sea Garden, Varna, Bulgaria - www.rossiwrites.com

One of the best things about being a child is the ability to find fairground rides amazing fun.

Being gladly taken for a spin literally round a tiny circumference (hello, carousel!) or grabbing at a metal bar with both hands and screaming your head off while being tossed this way and the other, all the while without a seeming thought for your safety… Yes, those were the days!

Hence, you know you are a proper grown-up (boring et al) once you start appreciating fairground rides more on the outside for their garish colours and whimsical shapes than actually wanting to go jump on one.

This little realisation came up to me this summer whilst at a small fairground in the Sea Garden of my home town of Varna.

For the first time ever I was happy to just look at all the action from a distance, rather than jump on the hard plastic seats and pretend that I was in a colourful balloon, a fast train or even on the back of a mighty dragon.

The only ride I could not resist was this smiling caterpillar. Rising up in the blue sky and then coming down again in a smooth circular motion over and over again, somehow it really appealed to me.

I hopped on.

Honestly, it was so much better from the outside. How many full circles could this plastic thing complete in three minutes flat?!

Too many, it would seem. Each one identical to the previous and the next. With each dropping motion I would get a terrible sinking feeling in my stomach. And with each raising motion, my lightheadedness increased.

Yes, it was not much fun for me but I held on for dear life, rigid smile strictly plastered across my face, for the sake of my little daughter who loved it all from painful start to dizzy finish.

Ah, sweet childhood o’mine! It took a smiley caterpillar to show me how far away I have travelled from you.


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Pin Me - Photo of the Day - A Caterpillar Fairground Ride in the Sea Garden, Varna, Bulgaria - www.rossiwrites.com


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