‘Roar!’, Said the Bear – ‘Toddler Fashion’ New Series

Roar! Said the Bear

One of my favourite things is clothes shopping for my baby.
Fashion for babies and toddlers is so exciting! Fresh colours, cute little details and adorable characters adorn little dresses, huggable coats and soft hats. I find them hard to resist.
We spent Christmas in England and one of the tasks on my to do list whilst there was to go shopping for my 18-month old daughter. Babies grow fast and her little wardrobe needed some replenishment. There are some lovely baby and toddler clothes in Italy, too, but we’ve been so busy getting used to our life here and sightseeing, that shopping (apart from food) hasn’t really been at the forefront of our minds.
So, while in St Albans over the holidays, I had a great time browsing the shops looking for some mini fashion. At the end, I bought:
  • warm shoes from Clarks (pictured), as their shoes are always very comfortable and look good, too;
  • lots of everyday tops and leggings from Sainsbury’s Tu in muted greys and mustards and some brighter tones; 
  • a great pair of embroidered jeans from BHS; 
  • a couple of dressier pieces from Marks and Spencer’s; and
  • a fabulous owl hat from Boots (now on sale!), which my little girl put on her head in the shop and refused to take it off even when we went to pay for it, so we had to tear the label off the hat and pass it to the sales assistant to scan.
It was great!
The downside was that on our way back to Italy we had to pay for excess luggage at the airport. As such, today I have been looking at options to shop from my favourite brands and have my purchases delivered. 
I had a fabulous day browsing toddler fashion online. I bookmarked so many little outfits and created so many potential looks in my mind, that I had to share them with somebody.
This inspired my Toddler Fashion Series on my blog. At regular intervals through the month, I will be posting a toddler fashion look featuring both British and international brands. 
The first look to kickstart my new series of blog posts is ‘Roar!, Said the Bear’. The star here is a lovely knitted dress from Marks and Spencer’s featuring an adorable bear. A furry gilet makes this a totally huggable ensemble. The hat, shoes and the tights perfectly match this playful, yet stylish outfit.
What do you think? Would you love to see your daughter dressed in it? If you buy this outfit, please, let me know and it would be great if you tag me in a picture on Instagram. My profile there is @rossiwrites.
Going forward, I will be featuring both girls’ and boys’ looks, so stay tuned!
Finally, the most important thing:
Here are the links to all of the products in the first Toddler Fashion look ‘Roar!, Said the Bear’ above:
Dress / Gilet / Hat / Tights / Shoes
Let me know what you think in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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Rossi xx 

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