My Week In Pictures 2

Here is the second edition of my new photoseries of blog posts charting my week through the lens of a camera.

These are little glimpses of my life here in Italy, things that have made me laugh, have intrigued me or simply appalled me. I hope that the pictures and the short stories below will tickle your curiosity, entertain you or even help you see the world from a completely different point of reference.


Rossi xx


A plate of truffles at Taste of Christmas event in Verona

Here is what a plateful of truffles looks like, my friends! Some of these boys were huge! I can’t even begin to speculate as to how much their combined price would have been. I came across this plate at the Taste of Christmas event in Verona this past week-end. It was sitting nonchalantly on the counter of one of the pop-up restaurants attracting admiring glances. Nowadays they use dogs when hunting for truffles, as the sows, which were originally employed for this task, would rather eat the mushroom when they found it, rather than leave it for the truffle hunter to pick.

The collars worn by the choir in a stage production of Macbeth

This photo has quite a funny story. While at the Taste of Christmas event, we took the lift, but we pressed the wrong button and ended up on a floor that was closed to the public. The event was held in Arena Museo Opera – the museum dedicated to the art of opera, and we should have gone to its first floor, but instead we ended up on the top floor. As soon as we walked out of the lift, its door shut behind us and we were plunged into darkness. So, whilst groping around in the dark, trying to get the lift door to open again, I saw this flash of red. I took a picture simply by pointing my smartphone and pressing the shutter button. In an instant the flash revealed a wall with intriguing red collars. At that same moment, a lady appeared from a side door and asked us what we were doing up there. We explained in broken Italian that we had ended up on the wrong floor and she shepherded us out of there. Later I found out that these were the collars worn by the choir in ‘Macbeth’. Not a bad picture, considering I took it completely at random.

Three gusy and their pasta at Taste of Christmas event

I love this photo! I love the dynamics between this trio of Italian men. I took like hundreds of photos at the Taste of Christmas event and, in all honesty, I was desperately hoping that at least a handful of them would be in focus and usable, as the light was rather dim and people kept coming and going, so the scene would change in an instant. The man on the right appeared to be one of the chefs preparing the pasta that was then served by the two boys on the left. The chef had just come out from behind the kitchen counter and the two boys were preparing a sample tray of pasta.

Fior di cappero

This is my culinary discovery of the year! It’s called ‘fior di cappero‘. I came across it at breakfast in Hotel Accademia, where we stayed whilst in Verona. Initially I thought this was some sort of olives and picked two to try them. When I bit into one, I realised it didn’t have a stone. Instead it was filled with what appeared to be several small grains (or seeds) that released the most amazingly zesty and refreshing juice. I just had to give the other one to my husband. Do give it a try, if you come across it!

Salty Fingers at Taste of Christmas event in Verona

This was another discovery I made at the Taste of Christmas event. These edible leaves were thick and crunchy. Most interestingly though they had a very strong salty taste, hence their name – Salty Fingers. They were not like samphire, which for me is overwhelmingly sea-salty and bitter. Instead, I found them quite refreshing and juicy. Salty Fingers is a plant growing in tropical America and Asia and it is being commercialised by the Dutch company Koppert Cress.

An opera singer showing some leg

Look closely and you will see a man on a rather garish bed and showing some leg. I know!!! I had to look twice and I had to take a picture. Now, believe it or not, this is a recording from a performance of La Traviata which is being shown in one of the exhibition rooms of Arena Museo Opera in Verona. Who knew opera could be so racy?!

The trees in Vicenza are getting a trim

I love walking around Vicenza and coming across scenes from daily life like this one. Basically, trees around town are getting a bit of a trim to keep their crowns nice and round. The men in the basket used a long tool to trim the overgrown branches. Half of the tree’s crown had already been shaped nicely and the men were working on the other half. I love such visual stories, as they reveal a part of life I never stop to think about. I take it for granted that there are trees around town, but don’t stop to think how they are maintained or if they need any TLC at all. Now, I appreciate a bit more the work that goes into keeping Vicenza beautiful.

A van is parked across three parking spaces in a car park

Honestly, what was he thinking?!

Christmas trees made out of chocolate florentines

These fabulous Christmas trees are made of chocolate florentines and I glimpsed them in the window display of an exclusive pasticceria in the centro storico of Vicenza. Aren’t they beautiful? I wouldn’t mind one for Christmas.

Christmas lights draped over the clock tower in Vicenza

The Christmas lights are on in Vicenza and they look stunning. I wrote about the run up to Christmas in this Italian town, which for now I call home, and I was really looking forward to seeing the lights glinting and shimmering all over the centro storico. It’s simply beautiful! It’s a shame that they are only on after dark. In London, for example, they keep the Christmas lights on 24/7 for over 2 months. Still, I understand it’s much more ecological this way.

So, there you have it! My week in pictures 2.

I hope you enjoyed looking through my random photos and reading the short story under each one of them. Do let me know your thoughts in a comment below or by connecting with me on social media (my accounts are at the top of the page).

Enjoy your day 🙂

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