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Adventures in Jewelleryland

This weekend I had an experience which is best described as ‘out of this world’.

I visited Vicenza Oro – a leading jewellery trade fair. Imagine 1500 jewellery exhibitors from 30 countries in six thematic pavillions besieched by thousands of buyers and industry experts over the course of six days. Add to this an overwhelming number of diamonds and pearls plus the most groundbreaking designs that a girl can covet and you can start to feel the emotions that were shooting through me with every step I took through this amazing place.

Vicenza Oro billboard

Vicenza Oro was first held in 1954 and nowadays it’s a pivotal place for both international and Italian brands to show their new jewellery collections to the world.

Most importantly, this year Vicenza Oro debuted its new format – The Boutique Show – with the booths of the exhibiting brands organised around six distinctive themes: Icon, Look, Creation, Expression, Essence and Evolution.

As I was exploring the huge space and row after row of booths, I could only agree with the show’s slogan: ‘The Future. Now.’. Right in front of my dazzled eyes were the jewellery styles and trends that will be arriving in shops – both exclusive and high street ones – all over the world in the coming months.

A tiara symbolising one of the forecasted jewellery trends 'The Romantic'

You may be wondering what I was doing at such an exclusive trade event, considering that this is a lifestyle blog.

The answer is that this year I will be launching a project that I have been working on for the past 12 months or so. I can raise the curtain a little bit more and reveal that this will be a jewellery-dedicated blog, so if you would like to colaborate with me or be featured (click here for an example), get in touch now.

For now though, let’s get back to Vicenza Oro, as I would like to share with you my experience at the event.

A booth at Vicenza Oro

It was fabulous!

I started from the pavillion of the fine jewellers – a dazzling array of  avant-garde booths showcasing the world’s most exclusive and inventive jewels.

A booth at Vicenza Oro

 I was particularly taken with the jewellery lines shown by, respectively, J Jewels Milano and Bibigi.

J Jewels Milano - Vicenza Oro
Bibigi - Vicenza Oro

The former impressed me with their keshi pearls – gorgeously large and with a divine gleam. The latter captured my attention with its Snake collection featuring rings and bracelets which coil around the fingers and the wrists – delicate, unobtrusive and with an original design. I particularly liked the granulated surface of the jewels. It really invites you to touch them thus attracting even more attention to them.  
Surrounded by luxury at such a scale, I think it would be only fair to say that the most luxurious piece there was this stunning White Olive Tree. 
The White Olive Tree by Agatino Capella promoted by the The World Diamond Group

Made by the artist and theologian Agatino Capella, it is financed and promoted by the World Diamond Group. The trunk of the tree is carved of white Carrara marble (Michelangelo’s favourite), the branches and the leaves are cast of 3.333 kg platinum and the fruit is represented by 3003 diamonds with a total weight of 366 carats.

I could have easily spent an hour just looking at it, but the call of the jewellery all around me was too powerful to ignore it for too long.

So, off I went to the next five pavillions trying to spot companies that were different and that I would just know when I saw their designs that they are special and wearing them would bring me joy.

Petralux jewellery at Vicenza Oro

I was particularly happy to come across PetraLux. I love colourful jewellery which brings together different gemstones. When we lived in England, on a day to day basis most women seemed to favour very streamlined geometrical designs and I was craving jewellery excitement, a burst of colour to lift the grey London sky off my shoulders and my mind.

PetraLux jewellery is just that. Fabulous colours and cuts combined in such a way so as to add lashes of visual interest even to the most restrained outfit.

Petralux jewellery - Vicenza Oro

A little bit further away, I came across a happy little space.

Amore & Baci at Vicenza Oro

Amore & Baci is an Italian brand specialising in sterling silver beads, charms and children’s jewellery. I loved their cute designs – a perfect gift for a little girl to make her happy and start a lifelong interest in accessorising and jewellery.

Amore & Baci at Vicenza Oro

Perfectly shaped charms with original designs – a slice of jewellery pizza, anyone?! – I could imagine buying one of each for my own little girl!

I explored the thematic pavillions some more, coming across several displays loaded with pearls and gemstones. I admired the perfectly matched pairs and strands of pearls for a while and after that continued browsing the jewellery stands.

Pearls and gemstones displays at Vicenza Oro

Just then I came across my favourite find at the fair. A piece of jewellery that is unusual (yes, don’t we all like to stand out from the crowd), super practical (I like getting maximum wear with minimum tear from my jewels) and sparkly (each piece incorporates a diamond, yeah!).

Without further ado, let me introduce you to DuePunti Milano. An inventive company which makes jewellery like this.

Due Punti at Vicenza Oro

Each silicone bracelet, ring and earring come with an embedded diamond! Each diamond is 2 points (DuePunti, geddit?!) – a carat has 100 points – which gives you lots of sparkle for a very affordable price.

The collection also comes in fluorescent and jelly tones.

Due Punti stand at Vicenza Oro

I thought the collection was very fresh and original, it makes a wonderful present and allows you to choose from a great range of colours to suit your wardrobe and your mood. Plus, you can keep adding to your stash, ending up with a completely personalised in terms of colour combinations stack of bracelets or rings.

After hours of looking at some wonderful jewellery collections, I was starting to feel exhausted both physically and emotionally. The fair really is huge and there is so much to see and do. No wonder all soft chairs in the bright open space leading to the booths in Pavillion 1 were taken by seemingly tired buyers checking their notes, talking on the phone or simply stretching their legs after a very long day.

Jewellery is such an engaging thing. It appeals to your sense of style and your emotions. I am constantly on the lookout for the next best piece of jewellery to excite me and provoke me, to make me think with an amazed inner voice: ‘And this was made by a human hand?!’

So, when I came across this necklace, my tiredness simply dissipated and I just stood there looking at it for a while.

Vicenza Oro

It’s splendid, itsn’t it?

A picture of this necklace caused such unbelievable excitement on my Instagram page. People were liking it and regramming it, asking who the designer was.

This precious jewel is the work of Jewels Emporium – a company creating jewellery masterpieces since 1841.

The necklace was part of the exhibition illustrating the four primary mega trends which TrendVision Jewellery + Forecasting has predicted will influence the design, production and distribution of contemporary jewellery.

Each of the four mega trends is associated with a respective group of consumers :

  • The Essencialist – this is the group of consumers inspired by the geometric shapes and minimalist forms of the Airy Perspective mega trend;
  • The Romantic – this group has a tendency towads the dark experssive tones of the Dramatic Poetry mega trend;
  • The Exoticist – a group of consumers enjoying the multicultural elegance and the luxurious and eclectic style of the Global Delights mega trend; and
  • The Digitalist – the consumer group preferring the ultramodern and futuristic style of the Digital mega trend.
Four jewellery cases with pieces representative of the four mega trends and their associated consumer groups were beautifully laid out.
I will leave you now to enjoy some more pictures of those. Thank you for reading about my experience at Vicenza Oro and don’t forget, if you are a jewellery designer or otherwise engaged with jewellery, do get in touch as my jewellery-dedicated blog will be launching soon.
Vicenza Oro

Vicenza Oro
Vicenza Oro

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