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Beautiful Italy Revealed in 126 Photos

The beauty of Italy in 121 photos -

Beautiful Italy has been captivating poets, artists, and adventurers for centuries. 

The country’s lush nature, beautiful light, and rich historical past called out to them and inspired them to create some of their very best works.

Thus the legend of Italy as a place where you go to experience beauty and find inspiration was established in our collective mind and to this day it remains alive. 

St. Mark's Basilica seen from St. Mark's Clocktower - Venice, Veneto, Italy -

Each day, thousands of travellers head to Italy eager to see its beauty for themselves. They dream of blue skies, priceless works of art, roads that curve through green hills, fields of flowers in bloom, music that fills the heart with joy and plates piled with authentic homemade food.

Palladio's Basilica seen from the Furo Bridge - Vicenza, Italy -

Some follow in the steps of millions before them and make sure to see beautiful Italy from a very specific point of view. They flit between Florence, Venice, and Rome happy to recreate for themselves moments that they have seen shared on social media hundreds of times.

A cup of proper Italian coffee, a slice of pizza from the most recommended restaurant, a photo of a wisteria vine in full bloom, a guided tour of a place which, otherwise, will take a lifetime to properly explore.

A view of Verona from Castel San Pietro - Veneto, Italy -

Others take a more spontaneous approach. They seek the road less travelled and head to lesser-known Italian villages and towns, to smaller lakes and tiny little local points of interest.

Serravalle - Vittorio Veneto - Italy -

Who is to say who is right and who is wrong?!

The important thing is that both types of travellers seek to experience beautiful Italy first hand. It’s a task which can leave you both elated and dejected though.

The Basilica of Santa Giustina seen from Padua University Botanical Gardeni - Padua, Italy -

Elated, for there is lots of beauty to be seen, tasted and experienced all over Italy. From its regional food to its traditional crafts, from its Etruscan and Roman history to its religious heritage, from its art and music to its fashion and style, beautiful Italy has so much to offer if you approach it with an open heart.

Torre Civica of the Porta Vecchia - Este, Veneto, Italy -

Dejected, as so many other people are on the same quest. To discover and savour beautiful Italy can easily become a race. A million questions swirl around in your head, like these ones below:

  • When to travel to avoid the crowds?!
  • How far in advance to book a particular guided tour, concert or restaurant so as to make sure you will grab the best places at the right price?!
  • Which are the best angles to take those instagrammable photos of those fabled Italian sights that everyone has seen online and is desperate to replicate?!

Venice seen from the Grand Canal - Veneto, Italy -

To help you avoid the risk of feeling dejected while organising and experiencing a trip to beautiful Italy, here are over one hundred photos. They show you some of the most beautiful places in this inspiring country as seen and photographed by me.

I have been living in beautiful Italy for five years now and every day I try to see it from its most breathtaking point of view.

A bike, the old mills and the Visconti Bridge at the back - Borghetto sul Mincio, Italy -

It could be something simple like a sculpted doorknocker which looks like a miniature work of art.

A melusine-shaped doorknocker - Trento, Trentino, Italy -

Or it could be something really fun like going to a great Italian event and trying to capture the mood of the performers and the crowd.

Folk dancers from Modena - Carnival in Comacchio - Emilia-Romagna, Italy -

The important thing is that beauty is all around me here and I would like to show you how to see it for yourself.

Each photo below will take you to a delightful corner of beautiful Italy. From the lesser-known spots to some of Italy’s most famous sights, everything’s been captured through my lens.

The Italian village of Laghi seen from the lake - Laghi, Veneto, Italy -

Each photo comes with a succinct caption and a link to more information. Clicking on the links will open either a post on my blog, a post on my blog’s Facebook page (please, could you like it if you haven’t already?! Thanks!) or, where possible, the official website of the respective place.  

So, scroll down and click!

I hope that the couple of minutes you will spend looking through the photos herewith will help take you to a marvellous, wonderful world of art, nature, history, and food. A world which you can experience first hand for yourself, too. For beautiful Italy really needs to be seen for an experience of a lifetime.


Table laid for lunch - Nesso, Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy -

P.S. I will be adding more and more photos to this gallery as I keep exploring new corners of Italy. The photos featured here at present show you the following Italian regions in all their glory: Veneto, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Piedmont, and Friuli-Venezia Giulia.



Beautiful Italy Revealed in 126 Photos



1. Verona, Veneto

View of Verona with Ponte Pietra - Verona, Veneto, Italy -

Fair Verona seen from the viewing terrace of Castel San Pietro. Ponte Pietra – the stone bridge spanning the river Adige – is Verona’s only surviving bridge from Roman times. Click here to read more about Verona and the 20 best things to do and see in this beautiful Northern Italian city in one day.



2. Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park, Trentino

Deer in Paneveggio - The Violins' Forest - Dolomites, Trentino, Italy -

A young stag stands in front of Paneveggio – the so-called Violins’ Forest – in the Dolomites in the Northern Italian province of Trentino. At the back are the Pale di San Martino – the largest mountain group in the Dolomites. Click here to read more about the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Nature Park. This is one of the very first nature parks in Italy and in 2009, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



3. Scaliger Castle, Lazise, Lake Garda, Veneto

Scaliger Castle - Lazise, Lake Garda, Italy -

The castle built by the Scaliger dynasty – the medieval rulers of Verona – in Lazise on the shores of Lake Garda. Click here to discover why Lazise is one of the twelve best towns to visit around Italy’s largest lake.



4. Soave, Veneto

Grape festival in Soave - Veneto, Italy -

Soave is a small medieval town in the heart of the Northern Italian region of the Veneto. Surrounded by vineyards, its most famous export is the Soave white wine. Every September, the citizens of Soave stage a Festa dell’Uva – a traditional celebration of grapes, vines, and wine. Juicy bunches of grapes are used to adorn the town’s houses and defensive walls. Click here to read more about Soave.



5. Feltre, Veneto

Feltre castle with trees in autumn - Feltre, Veneto, Italy -

Feltre is a hidden corner in beautiful Italy. Built on top of a small hill and surrounded by the rugged peaks of the Dolomites, this small town has a medieval look and feel to it and so many local stories and traditions to discover. This is Feltre’s castle surrounded by trees in a glorious autumnal display. Click here to read more about Feltre.



6. Grotta Azzurra di Mel, Dolomites, Veneto

The grotto's front entrance - Grotta Azzurra di Mel - Hiking in the Dolomites - Veneto, Italy -

This grotto with sparkling blue waters is another hidden corner in the Dolomites – a mountain range that serves as a splendid crown to beautiful Italy. To reach the Grotta Azzurra di Mel, you need to hike following the stony bed of a small river. Click here to find out detailed instructions and lots of photos.  



7. Zumelle Castle, Dolomites, Veneto

Zumelle Castle - Mel, Veneto, Italy -

A medieval fortress to visit before or after a nice and energising hike to the nearby Grotta Azzurra di Mel (see photo number 6 above). Click here to learn more about Zumelle Castle.



8. Padua, Veneto

Windows with faded frescoes - Padua, Veneto, Italy -

Faded frescoes, a wrought-iron balcony, and dreamy bottle bottom glass windows. As seen in Padua – one of beautiful Italy’s most underrated cities. Click here to find out 89 reasons to visit Padua in the Veneto.



9. Villa Barbaro (Villa di Maser), Veneto

Villa Barbaro (Villa di Maser) - Province of Treviso, Veneto, Italy -

The regal Villa Barbaro (also known as Villa di Maser) in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto. Designed by the illustrious Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, the villa is beautiful on the outside. It is stunning inside, too as it is covered with frescoes by the famous painter Paolo Veronese. Click here to find out the top 15 places to visit in the Veneto.



10. Rovigo, Veneto

View of Rovigo's central square - Veneto, Italy -

The city of Rovigo in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto is off the beaten track, yet it has lots to offer to the discerning traveller looking to experience Italy authentically. Click here to find out the top 15 places to visit in the Veneto.



11. Vicenza, Veneto

Vicenza after the rain - Veneto, Italy -

This small city in beautiful Italy is known both as the City of Gold and the City of Palladio. Vicenza has centuries-old goldsmithing traditions that are alive to this day. On the other hand, Andrea Palladio – one of the most influential architects of the Western World – transformed Vicenza into a Renaissance pearl by building numerous palaces and villas in and around the city in the 16th century. The green rooftop in the centre of the photo above covers one of Palladio’s most famous buildings in Vicenza – the Basilica Palladiana. Click here to see the beauty of Vicenza revealed in 30 photos and stories.



12. River Tagliamento, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

River Tagliamento near the village of Venzone - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy -

The fast-flowing River Tagliamento after torrential rain. This is one of the last rivers in Europe to preserve its original course. You can see it in the Northern Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. I took this photo near the picturesque historic village of Venzone. Click here to see photos of Venzone on my blog’s Facebook page. 



13. Valstagna, Veneto

Valstagna - Veneto, Italy -

Valstagna is a picturesque town on the shores of the river Brenta in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto. Surrounded by rugged mountain peaks, the town is a great spot for rafting and hiking. Plus, the Grotte di Oliero is nearby. This is a small but very interesting cave that can only be accessed via a short boat trip underground. Check number 5 on this list to find out how to visit Grotte di Oliero.



14. Museum of Flight, Castle of San Pelagio, Due Carrara, Veneto

Room of the Hot-Air Balloons, Museum of Flight, Castle of San Pelagio - Due Carrare, Province of Padua, Veneto, Italy -

The stunning Room of the Hot-Air Balloons in the Museum of Flight. The museum is nestled in the Castle of San Pelagio in the Province of Padua in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto. It is a great place to visit with kids and it introduces you to the history and achievements of Italy’s aviation. Plus, there is a lovely garden with hundreds of roses and a maze. Click here to see the official website (in Italian) of the Museum of Flight. 



15. Grotte di Caglieron, Fregona, Veneto

The walkway leading into a cave - Grotte di Caglieron, Fregona, Veneto, Italy -

The Grotte di Caglieron is a series of caves and waterfalls which you traverse on wooden bridges placed between them. It is a spectacularly beautiful sight not to miss in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto. Plus, one of the caves is used to ripen locally produced cheese. Click here to find out how to visit Grotte di Caglieron and what else to do nearby. 



16. Villa Pisani, Stra, Veneto

The water feature with the stables at Villa Pisani - Stra, Veneto, Italy -

Known as the Queen of the Venetian Villas, this is the stunning Villa Pisani which is akin to a small palace. With lavishly decorated and frescoed rooms and an expansive garden with a maze and an ice-house, the villa is in the small town of Stra within an easy reach from Padua. Click here to find out how to visit Villa Pisani and what to see and do there.



17. Titian’s Birth House, Pieve di Cadore’, Veneto

Titian's birth house - Pieve di Cadore - Province of Belluno, Veneto, Italy -

Titian – one of the most universally famous Italian painters – was born in this wooden house in the Dolomites in beautiful Italy. Click here to find out how to visit it and what else to do in Titian’s hometown – the picturesque Pieve di Cadore’ in the Northern Italian region of the Veneto.



18. Glass Panels Adorning the Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station, Venice, Italy

Glass panels adorning the Venezia Santa Lucia Train station - Venice, Italy -

The art of glassmaking is deeply rooted in the traditions of Venice – the most striking city in beautiful Italy. When you walk out from Venezia Santa Lucia train station, look up and you will see these handmade glass panels depicting the Venetian lagoon. Click here to read more about Venice.



19. Excalibur Hiking Trail, Tonezza del Cimone, Veneto

The hiking path with the Venetian Prealps in the background - Excalibur Trail, Tonezza del Cimone, Veneto, Italy -

Hiking is a great way to discover beautiful Italy in all its glory. The country is crisscrossed by exhilarating hiking trails giving you a chance to fall in love with Italy’s pristine nature. This is a moment captured on the Excalibur trail – an easy hike suitable for the whole family – in the Venetian Prealps. Check number 13 on this list to find out how to explore the Excalibur trail for yourself.



20. Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Veneto

The island of San Giorgio Maggiore - Venice, Veneto, Italy -



21. Giardino Giusti, Verona, Veneto

The main entrance, Giardino Giusti - Verona, Veneto, Italy -



22. The fence of the Royal Palace, Turin, Piedmont

The iron fence of the Royal Palace in Turin - Piedmont, Italy -




23. Historic Cafe Soraru, Vicenza, Veneto

The interior of the historic Pasticceria Soraru - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



24. Gola di Furlo, Marche

The Furlo Pass and Gorge - Marche, Italy -



25. Piazza delle Erbe, Padua, Veneto

The fleet of Apes serving the daily market - Padua, Veneto, Italy -

Padua’s Palazzo della Ragione serves as an elegant backdrop to the city’s 800-years old daily market. Click here to lean more about Padua’s market.



26. Romeo’s Castle, Montecchio Maggiore, Veneto

The Bellaguardia's Castle also known as Romeo's Castle - Montecchio Maggiore, Veneto, Italy -



27. Brescia, Lombardy

The Capitolium and the Roman Forum - Brescia, Lombardy, Italy -



28. Cheese Cave, Grotte di Caglieron, Fregona, Veneto

The Cheese Cave - Grotta di San Lucio - Grotte di Caglieron, Fregona, Veneto, Italy -



29. Bergamo, Lombardy 

View of the Colleoni Chapel - Bergamo Upper City, Lombardy, Italy -



30. Courtyard of the National Archaeological Museum, Venice, Veneto

The courtyard of the Archaeological Museum - Venice, Italy -




31. Fortified Walls of Peschiera del Garda, Veneto

The defensive walls of Peschiera del Garda - Lake Garda, Italy -



32. Raphael’s Birth House, Urbino, Marche

The dining room in Raphael's Birthouse - Urbino, Marche, Italy -



33. Visconti Bridge, Borghetto sul Mincio, Veneto

The 14th century Visconti bridge in the fog - Borghetto sul Minchio, Veneto, Italy -



34. Nesso, Lake Como, Lombardy

Stone Bridge - Nesso - Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy -



35. Daily Fruit and Veg Market, Padua, Veneto

Fresh spring produce at Padua's 800-years old market - Padua, Veneto, Italy -



36. Stained Glass Window, Bardolino, Lake Garda, Veneto

Stained glass panel in Bardolino's Cathedral - Lake Garda, Italy -



37. Titian’s Birth House, Pieve di Cadore’, Veneto

Side view of Titian's birth house with a fountain and a 16th-century palace - Pieve di Cadore - Province of Belluno, Veneto, Italy -



38. Serravalle, Veneto

Serravalle's historic main square - Vittorio Veneto, Italy -



39. Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona, Veneto

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona - Spiazzi, Veneto, Italy -



40. Wisteria in Bloom, Vicenza, Veneto

Purple wisteria - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



41. British Day, Schio, Veneto

Queen Elizabeth - Parade at British Day Schio - Schio, Veneto, Italy -



42. Pumpkin Gelato, Vicenza, Veneto

Roasted pumpkin and amaretti gelato - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



43. Roman Pool, Terme di Giunone, Caldiero, Veneto

Roman pool in Terme di Giunone - Caldiero, Veneto, Italy -



44. Roses in Bloom, Vicenza, Veneto

Rose bush enveloping a balcony - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



45. Rose Garden, Carrara Castle, Este, Veneto

Roses in bloom in the Public Gardens - Carrara Castle - Este, Veneto, Italy -



46. Salvador Dali’s Sculpture with La Rua at Piazza dei Signori, Vicenza, Veneto

Salvador Dali's Triumphant Elephant with La Rua on Piazza dei Signori - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



47. The Bastions of Palmanova, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

View of the Renaissance defensive walls - Palmanova, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy -



48. Piazza Bra on St. Valentine’s Day, Verona, Veneto

Piazza Bra at St. Valentine's - Verona, Italy -



49. Neptune’s Fountain, Trento, Trentino- Alto Adige

Piazza del Duomo - Trento, Trentino, Italy -



50. Fano, Le Marche

Pigeons flying off a fountain - Fano, Marche, Italy -



51. Prosciutto, Montagnana, Veneto

Prosciutto factory - Montagnana, Veneto, Italy - rossiwritescom



52. Montagnana, Veneto

The defensive medieval wall of Montagnana - Veneto, Italy -



53. Punta di San Vigilio, Lake Garda, Veneto

Punta di San Vigilio - Lake Garda, Italy -



54. Palladio Museum, Vicenza, Veneto

Palladio's Museum - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy -



55. Palazzo Madama, Turin, Piedmont

Palazzo Madama - Turin - Piedmont, Italy -



56. Ceramics Fair, Nove, Veneto

Ceramics Festival - Nove, Veneto, Italy -



57. Nervesa della Battaglia, Veneto

Ruins of the Abbey at Nervessa di Bataglia - Veneto, Italy -



58. Campo di Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto

Nativity scene in an olive grove - Campo di Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto, Italy -



59. Anguane – Veneto’s Water Nymphs

Anguane - Mythical creatures - Veneto, Italy -



60. Centuries-old Mulattiere – Mule Tracks – Above Lake Garda, Veneto

Mulatiera - Old mule track - Campo di Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto, Italy -



61. Laundry Day, Venice, Veneto

Laundry day - Venice, Veneto, Italy -



62. Prato della Valle, Padua, Veneto

Lights - Prato della Valle, Padua, Veneto, Italy -



63. Duomo, Milan, Lombardy 

Milan Marathon - Milan, Lombardy, Italy -



64. Miramare Castle, Triest, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Miramare Castle - Triest - Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy -



65. Monselice, Veneto

Night falls over Monselice - Veneto, Italy -



66. Monte Grapppa, Veneto

View from Monte Grappa with the Venetian plains - Veneto, Italy - Monumental courtyard - University of Padua - Padua, Veneto, Italy - Grape festival in Soave - Veneto, Italy - Green olives hanging from an olive branch - Veneto, Italy - Hiking outside Bolzano - Alto Adige, Italy - Inside the Futurist House of Art Fortunato Depero - Rovereto, Trentino, Italy - Intricate wrought-iron gates - The 19-th century Palazzo della Loggia - Noale, Veneto, Italy - Lago del Corlo - Veneto, Italy - Lake Caldonazzo - Trentino, Italy - The lion with the best view of the Grand Canal - Venice, Italy - Gondolas waiting to be repaired - Squero di San Trovaso - Venice, Italy - Gondola decorations - Venice, Italy - Goethe's Palm - Padua University Botanical Garden - Padua, Veneto, Italy - Getting the balloons ready to fly - Ferrara Balloon Festival, Italy - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - Milan, Lombardy, Italy - Frescos in the Oratory of St. John the Baptist - Urbino, Marche, Italy - Ferryboat between Lido and Pellestrina - Venice, Veneto, Italy - A firemen boat - Venice, Veneto, Italy - Folk dancers from Modena - Carnival in Comacchio - Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Follina Abbey - Follina, Veneto, Italy - Frasassi Caves - Marche, Italy - Temple of Valadier - Marche, Italy - Fresco in Sala dei Battuti - Conegliano, Veneto, Italy - An imposing fireplace in Conegliano's castle - Veneto, Italy - Covolo di Butistolo - The castle in the rock - Veneto, Italy - Duomo and Torrazzo - Cremona, Lombardy, Italy - Eating alfresco - Bergamo Upper City, Lombardy, Italy - The smoking fireplaces in the eel factory - Comacchio, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Elegant houses along Corso Matteotti - Este, Veneto, Italy - Gattamelata's Equestrian Monument by Donatello - Padua, Veneto, Italy - Cason, Parco Etnografico di Rubano, - Province of Padua, Veneto - The delicate art of carving a cameo - Veneto, Italy - Dressed up for Carnival - Venice, Italy - Caffe on the terrace, Basilica Palladiana - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Caffe crema with Italian pasticceria mignon - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Outside tables - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Lake Mis - Dolomites, Veneto, Italy - Basilica of the Holy House - Loretto, Marche, Italy - Beautiful house in Marostica - Veneto, Italy - View of Bellagio - Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy - Discount bookshop surrounded by ancient stone artifacts - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Piazza della Loggia - Brescia, Lombardy, Italy - The terrace of Ca d'Oro - Venice, Veneto, Italy - Cadini del Brenton - Dolomites, Veneto, Italy - A woman in a blue jacket in the white snow - Parco Querini, Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Accademia Bridge - Venice, Veneto, Italy - A traditional portico - Palazzo d'Accursio, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - Ape covered with graffiti - Padua, Veneto, Italy - Appreciating art - Garden of Teatro Olimpico - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - Artistic display in the medieval village of Canale di Tenno - Trentino, Italy - Autumn foliage - Beautiful yellow leaves of the ginkgo biloba trees in the garden of the Church of Santa Corona - Vicenza, Veneto, Italy - A window with a lacy curtain - Campo di Brenzone, Lake Garda, Veneto, Italy - A view of Urbino with the Ducal Palace - Urbino, Marche, Italy - A view of the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio from the island of Lido - Venice, Italy - A View of Prato della Valle - Padua, Veneto, Italy - A street sign with mosaics - Ravenna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy - A slice of Italian life - Asolo, Veneto, Italy - A fruit and veg shop - Venice, Veneto, Italy - A view of Lake Caldonazzo with safety throw rings and pedalos in the early evening - Trentino, Italy - View of Paneveggio - The Violins' Forest - with the Pala di San Martino - Dolomites, Trentino, Italy -


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The boardwalks through the caves and the waterfalls - Grotte di Caglieron, Fregona, Veneto, Italy -


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